The incidence of Water-borne diseases is becoming stronger day by day. With continuous contamination of water happening it is extremely difficult to control this menace. In comes the option of installing water filters for faucets at your home which not only will reduce the chance of these diseases affecting you they also improve the taste of water. However how to find the best faucet water filter options for your home is a question which leaves many people baffled. To guide you in making the right decision we are mentioning here the top 10 best faucet water filters 2018 available on the market.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Faucet Water Filters

Brita on Tap Faucet Water Filter System


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This basic on tap water filter has the capability to reduce chlorine taste and any other odor from the water. Brita has taken care to introduce an extra layer of protection in the form of a layer. This filter can store water up to 100 gallons at one time. This product is advised for people who have a limited budget and cannot afford to spend lots of money for this basic facility. The filter can be installed on any kind of tap and is also able to reduce up to 99.99% impurities present in the water.

PUR Faucet Mount Replacement Water Filter


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PUR has introduced this unique entry on the market and it has the ability to reduce contaminations up to 10 times more than other water filters. PUR is a top-rated brand on the market of water purifiers and this product has also been provided with features capable of reducing impurities created from pharmaceuticals etc. This filter can store up to 400 gallons of water and you can clearly enjoy fresh and pure water till 4-6 months of installation. What’s more is that it is easy to install and can be used on any kind of faucet mount.

Culligan FM-15RA Advanced Faucet Filter


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With a filter life of 200 gallons, this is a cheap water filter which provides you all benefits of an expensive product in this category. This innovation from Culligan reduces chlorine and bad odor and is easily replaceable. Though this filter does not have a shelf, however, the water purity remains intact till almost 2 months of installation. Efficient on the cost aspect this product is a good purchase for people who do not want to splurge.

Culligan FM-15A Advanced Faucet Filter Kit


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The purifier faucet being provided here is known for its efficient mount design. For kitchen, all of us look for a product which is able to remove impurities and looks good to the eyes too. This is where this advanced faucet comes in and the customer reviews it gets are a reflection of this fact. This good faucet water filter can be used on any kind of mounts and is also very easy to install and operate. Working on its brand recall Culligan has given us a product which can easily switch from filtered to unfiltered water without any hassles.

Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter


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This compact design faucet filter system is capable of reducing bad taste, odor and impurities. Available at a price range of $30 this product is an affordable option for those who are willing to invest some money for quality. If you wish to choose a product which looks good along with performing basic duties than this product from Culligan is the right choice for you. This good quality filter can even remove impurities as per high established standards too.

Culligan FM-25R Faucet Mount Replacement Filter


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Having polished chrome design this product comes from a top rated brand Culligan’s stable. The faucet mount design makes it look good in your kitchen and is also highly efficient too. In comparison to other products this easier on the pocket as its cost is much less. It is NSE certified and can reduce bad taste, odor and all kinds of contaminations. Looking for a review you will get a great response thanks to its efficient design and processes.

PUR FM-3333B 2-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount


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The vertical faucet mount from PUR helps you get filtered water from your tap directly. This high quality product is easy to install and with one click your work is done. The built in water life indicator informs you when a replacement is needed. If you wish to buy a product which does not give you the hassle of maintenance then this is the correct choice. The filtration system available informs you well in advance on changing the faucet making it a good deal for you.

PUR Horizontal Faucet Mount FM-9100B


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The horizontal faucet mount again from PUR is made of stainless steel and offers 3 stage cleaning process. Made in china this product comes from the stable of one of the best brands in this category. On the market, its durable look and built-in electronic indicator make it apt for daily usage. This faucet filter system provides an option to store up to 100 gallons of water at a time. This product is an excellent option if you wish to use it for easy store purposes. Available at the best price of $30 this product is a great deal.

Brita Basic on Tap Faucet Water Filter System


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Made of plastic his product from a renowned brand like Brita gains heavily in consumer reports. The filter is provided with an extra layer to remove all kinds of sediments. Since it is priced at a modest range it is most popular among users who wish to keep their filter purchase under budget. The faucet filter can be easily installed at any kinds of faucets and hence scores well on the convenience factor too. Since it saves your space it is a great choice for small homes or offices.

InstaPure F5BCC3P-1ES Faucet Mount Water Filter System


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Having a chrome base and chrome designed cap this filter is recommended for users who really want their house to look classy all the time. You have the choice to shift from filtered to unfiltered water which extends the life of this filter. For installation, no tools are needed reducing your work to quite an extent. The product comes with filter cartridge and also gives you the benefit of knowing in advance when the filter needs to be replaced.