With lots of old fashioned dart games still available on the market, it becomes much more difficult to choose the trending and smart one. After a deep research of consumer reports from people belonging to a different niche, we have presented here the top ten best electronic dart boards 2018. So what are you waiting for? Choose the one for you among the best brands and provide a rating too:

Comparison of the Top-Rated Electronic Dart Boards

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dart Board


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This professional dartboard was invented by Winmau years ago to keep the game staple-free by reducing the amount of wires on the board. To talk about the comparison, this bristle dartboard contains a thin dynamic sector wire to decrease the bounces of your target. Being specially wired in a triangular shape, they deflect the darts towards the target and let you achieve the higher scores. The making of dartboard by Kenyan Sisal repairs itself after every hit of a dart and hence has a great longevity.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dart Board


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Coming with a target area of 15.5, this is one of the best electronic dart boards on the market. The segments made up of Nylon make it tough and are a most popular to increase the durability of the product and the also the playability. The bounce rate will reduce your scoring and affects your game but when it comes to this board, its micro thin segments does it all for you. Allows your 7 friends to play with you altogether along with providing 3 level heckler which increases its interactivity.

Arcade Style Cabinet with Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Game


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This arcade-style dart comes with a beautiful and smooth cherry finish. This top-rated dartboard gives a great accent to your game with its Arachnid electronic board. Consisting of 8 player scoring with options of 39 games, it is a must buy for all. This is an 84″h x 12 1/2″d x 23 1/2″w measurement dart board when assembled. It comes with cabinet and maximum storage.

Arachnid Arcade Style Cabinet Dart Game


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This 7 foot tall good electronic dart board comes with an extra space for storage and needs itself to get assembled. Allowing you to play 24 different games with 132 options it has been the most recommended game till date. With a 15.5-inch of a good quality target area, this dart has a LED display for the scores. This wood encased dart game is easy and convenient to be kept and played. Brings with it six soft tip darts and an AC adapter, this game is a complete package to your dart game.

Viper Neptune Dart Board with Cabinet


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Having a face of 15.5” and the segments built up of commercial grade nylon, this dart provides a durable surface to play. To reduce the bounce out the game comes with an ultra-thin spider which allows the dart to group closer and hence increase your score all with this cost effective dart game. 307 options and 57 games, this dart game has it all being a cheap electronic dart board. This Viper Neptune game brings an LCD display for a clear vision of scores and also 6 soft-tip darts.

Viper 800 Electronic Dart Board


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Specifically designed with a regulation size of 15.5” area, 16 players can play 57 games having 307 options. This dart board machine comes with 6 soft tip darts, a mounting hardware and an external power supply to keep you free from replacing batteries again and again while you focus on your game. The board has a built-in storage to hold 2 sets of darts and also some extra darts. Viper itself being a brand maintains its quality both in respect to the darts and boards.

Viper 777 Soft Tip Dart Board


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To maximize your scores, this dart game comes with an ultra-thin spider which greatly reduces the bounce outs as per its one review. Its digital bilingual voice options allow an ease to the English as well as Spanish lovers. Being a perfect game for your home, this game can accommodate up to 8 players and features 43 games with 320 options; huge isn’t it? The large catch ring protects your wall and lets the players play safe. This item is very affordable and is must to have.

Viper 797


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Coming with a regulation sized 15.5”, this high-quality item is leading the race with good customer reviews for its Tournament quality resin segments which are highly known for its durability. Also keeping your budget and pockets happy this game features 43 games and 240 options accommodating up to 16 players. The built-in cabinet set allows 2 sets of steel tip darts and an extra darts to rest inside. The electronic scoreboard works with an external power supply and displays the scores in bright LCD.

Viper Solar Blast Soft Tip Dart Board


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Aspire to become the top scorer among your friends? This soft tip dart game is the master of all. Be it the reason for kids or for family and friends, its ultra-thin spider reduces the number of bounce outs and brings happiness everywhere. Featuring 43 games and with 187 options this dartboard is ruling like a boss as it comes for the best price. Unlike the plastic ones, your kids are surely going to fall in love with this at home. 34 games and 183 scoring options, cyber play with 5 skill levels up to 8 players.

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Soft Tip Dart board with Cabinet


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Having an ABS cabinet set, the doors of the item holds four sets of darts there and then and makes it look neat and tidy when in use and even not. This dart game includes 6 darts, adapter, a mounting hardware and also comes with a warranty. The control panel is easily readable and has an LCD display with a surprise plus of large cricket scoreboard that too in LCD, working wonders for bars too. Its concave and thin segments reduce bounce rates and prove itself to be the best on the market.