Top 5 Best External DSLR Screen Monitors- Reviews in 2018

As a professional in any field, it’s always adequate for us to be aware of the latest tools used in the trade so as not to be left behind and lose existing or potential clients. We will be talking about a few of the top best DSLR monitors used in the business and what makes them the best of the best.

Feelworld FW759 7 Inch Ultra FID Best DSLR Screen Camera

Feelworld FW759

This is a slim and portable designed, wide angled IPS panel with an impressive 1280×800 resolution and clarity that would surely make your videos/photos come out stunning and impressive giving you the clear and picture-perfect experience.

This DSLR Screen Monitor has got some amazing reviews with customers loving its features. It’s offering one of the best FID experiences and also liking the fact that it not only delivers but also leaves some change in your pocket.

Feelworld T7 7 External Screen Camera Field Monitor


This, unlike others which barely adds weight to your camera, it’s almost lightweight therefore comfortable enough to give you that perfect visual you require. Plus you also get a very professional color calibration and accurate color separation and reproduction.

Let me add that, it has an aluminum metal frame giving you sturdy metal that doesn’t add any weight to your camera making it perfect for mounting and taking that motion picture without having to break your back or having fatigue carrying tools.

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Viltrox DC-70 Clip-on Color TFT LCD Monitor for Sony, Canon, Nikon

Viltrox DC-70

Known as the top-rated external monitor for DSLR video is so versatile that is can work with a mirrorless camera and would still give that top notch quality you desire. Its 7 inches advanced FIDMI monitor gives great flexibility and quality to the picture.

It’s affordable and comes with a sunshield, FIDMI cable and hotshoe adapters making it a really great choice for outdoor photography.

Lilliput Hd70hp On-Camera Field Monitor

Lilliput Hd70hp

If you are an outdoor photographer or professional photographer you would love to have this field monitor among your tools with a resolution of 800×480 /1920×1080 brightness and a viewing angle of 120 degrees /140 degrees.

You definitely won’t regret buying this monitor. It packs a 7″ LCD Monitor, sunshade, remote control among other basic tools it uses giving you that FID video or photo.

Neewer NW759 1280×800 IPS

Neewer NW759

This on-camera monitor has an IPS panel that gives you a wide and angled view, with LED backlight and an ultra HD resolution enhanced backlight and a color contrast which makes it a very cool and sophisticated tool to use or include in your everyday carry kit.

I have to put it out there as a tip. For 4k cameras please adjust the video mode to 1080p for better usage and quality, other than that you are good to go.