10 Best Cheap Digital Cameras Under $200 In 2018

Samsung WB350F
According to our research, the Samsung WB350F is one of the best cameras under 200 dollars. It is a great tool for those who love to catch a special moment with a camera.

But in comparison to other cameras, this products comes with a wide range of smart features.

Besides built-in Wi-Fi, the camera features social media upload, e-mail, direct and mobile links, Photo beam, PC auto-backup, remote viewfinder and all share feature.

The video quality is high – 1080p HD.  It also has a good optical zoom ensuring nice quality photos made from a distance.

Thanks to such a range of advanced features and good performance, we can highly recommend this camera for you.

Top-Rated Digital Cameras under $100 and $200

Sony DSCW800 20.1 MP7070
Canon PowerShot ELPH 1906080
Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ437070
Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic10090
Canon PowerShot ELPH 1806080
Nikon COOLPIX W1005080
Polaroid Snap Quality Instant Digital Camera8060
YI Lite Small Action Camera5080
Samsung WB350F10080
Canon PowerShot ELPH 3606080
Kodak PIXPRO FZ53-RD6080
Sony DSCW83010080
GoPro HERO Session10080
Nikon Coolpix S70007080
Nikon COOLPIX A104080
Canon PowerShot SX610 HS6080
Sony DSCWX220/B6080

Sony DSCW800 20.1 MP Digital Camera (TOP Choice under $100)

Sony DSCW800 20.1

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This is the best value compact digital camera under $100. This simple point and shoot camera have the features that guarantee you’ll capture images in fine detail.

The Sony W800/S has an impressive 20.1 megapixels and a phenomenal HAD CCD image sensor. All your images will be captured in superb contrast and fine details. Even with the 5× optical zoom, your images are of clear quality. You get a bonus 10× clear image digital zoom with the Sony ZEISS lens.

Photography beginners will find the Sony W800/S easy to operate. The easy mode minimizes the settings shown on the screen which makes your shooting effortless.

There are two shooting styles which can add to an awesome photography experience:

  • Sweep panorama mode: You can take 360° images of the beauty around you.
  • Smile Shutter technology: The Sony W800/S detects smiles and automatically captures the images.

The Sony W800/S is perfect for when you’re on the move. The SteadyShot Image stabilization delivers sharp images with low noise and no blur. You can walk and the camera captures pictures as if you were standing still.

The Picture Effect feature adds more expression to your photos by heightening the mood and emphasizing certain attributes of the subject. Picture effects can be applied to:

  • Still images
  • Moves
  • Panoramic shots

The Sony W800/S has a built-in battery which can be charged via USB.


  • High definition: Pictures captured are sharp and detailed.
  • User-friendly: It’s easy to operate the Sony W800/s and toggle between the different modes.
  • Plenty of shooting modes: The different shooting modes let you take the best pictures based on your setting.
  • Quick autofocus: The Sony W800/S has the swiftest focus so all your pictures are sharp.


  • No memory card: You need to buy an SD card because the internal memory can store only three to four images.
  • Not a standard USB: The USB port is not universal. You need the cable that arrives in the package to charge the battery.
  • Not ideal for recording: It does not always focus which leads to an inconsistent high definition video.
  • Computer connectivity: Some computers won’t detect the Sony W800/S.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 Point and Shoot Camera (Best Value)

Canon PowerShot ELPH

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This is the best rated digital camera under $200. This compact Canon is packed with the features you wouldn’t expect from its size and price range.

The technical specs are:

  • 20-megapixel lens
  • CCD sensor
  • DIGIC4+ image processor
  • 4.3mm focal length

These specs allow you to capture professional, worthwhile images. There won’t be any noise. Cannon’s intelligent IS automatically analyses the camera’s movement and applies the ideal shake correction for the type of shooting mode. This guarantees that your images won’t be blurry.

This one of the best photography cameras under 200 is great if you love vlogging yourself. Videos are also recorded in high clarity making you not miss any important details.

There is an app for Apple and Android Smartphones & tablets. With this app, you can upload any images to social media. Now you can let your friends see your travels at the moment because you don’t need to transfer the pictures to your computer if you don’t want to.

The Canon’s 10× optical zoom lets you capture from a distance. You can expect the image to be captured in great detail when you zoom in.

The built-in Wi-Fi technology makes sharing easy. You can connect to other devices with just a tap of a finger with the built-in Near Field Communication. With these features, you can say goodbye to the long process of connecting your camera to a computer to transfer the images.


  • Good Zoom: It zooms far and takes high-quality pictures.
  • Easy to use: Toggling through the menu is uncomplicated.
  • High quality: Pictures and videos are sharp.
  • Good stabilization: Even when moving the no blurry pictures will be captured.


  • Leaves marks: You can see fingerprints on the body.
  • Sticky buttons: It’s difficult to switch on and off because the power button gets stuck.
  • Unresponsive wireless features: Sometimes the Canon and computer don’t establish an immediate connection.
  • Poor construction: The tripod mount strips and it’s difficult to attach the Canon to the pole.

Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ43

Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ43

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This point and shoot Kodak is the perfect compact size because it fits in almost any bag. Your photos come out great because of the 16MP lens and the 4× optical zoom. The advanced technology detects and removes any red eyes.

The Kodak records in 720p and with the 27mm wide angle you can video the scenic beauty of all your travels. You can switch to camera mode with just the touch of a button.

You can see how your pictures turn out before you can develop them, all thanks to the 2.7 digital LCD screen. The screen shows a real image of what the lens sees. If you’re not happy with how someone or something looks you can alter the angle before you take the picture.

You have total control in your hands which will boost your confidence in excelling at your new hobby. The best digital camera under 200 dollars is a convenient carry on because it’s powered by two AA batteries. When you carry a pack of batteries the Kodak will always be ready to shoot.


  • Kodak’s quality: It takes high-resolution images.
  • Lightweight and compact: It’s effortless to carry in your bag or pocket.
  • Different styles: It’s available in either red or black for a stylish camera.
  • Easy to use: The Kodak is simple so even children can use it.


  • Not energy efficient: The batteries drain quickly.
  • Delay response: It doesn’t shoot pictures immediately.
  • No stabilization: Pictures may be blurry.
  • Insufficient internal memory: You need to buy an additional memory card.

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KINGEAR R2 with Digital Zoom


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Do you want to shoot pictures that look as if they were done by professionals? Get your hands on this KINEGEAR R2. Many users agree that the 24MP model has the best image resolution within the inexpensive and compact camera category.

It’s not only the lens’ Megapixels that make for the top photography features you receive. The 8.0MP sensor also contributes immensely. This sensor adds more gradient to your pictures. The smoothness is enhanced and reduces any pixelated areas.

The zoom capability is just as impressive:

  • 2x optical zoom
  • 4x digital zoom

You can focus on certain subjects from a distance. When you zoom in the image won’t distort.

The 3’’ display screen helps you see everything you capture and video. If you’re not happy with an image or two you can simply delete them. Then you only have the best pictures to develop. The high-performance viewfinder focuses on the subject quickly. You can find the perfect picture frame and shoot in no time.

What do you do when you want to take a picture or video of yourself in front of an iconic tourist attraction? When there is no one around it’s difficult because you can’t see if you’re accurate in your shooting angle.

The product solves this problem because the LCD screen flips 180°. It works similar to a camcorder and you can take pictures of yourself with precision too.


  • User-friendly: You can change modes and settings with ease.
  • Added lens: You get an additional lens that enhances the quality of your photos.
  • Convenient carry: You can carry this model with the wrist strap so it’s always ready for photography and filming.
  • Practical for beginners: The cheapest solution for those starting photography as a hobby.


  • Rigid construction: The smaller removable lens is almost impossible to detach.
  • Blurry pictures: The KINEGEAR doesn’t stabilize well when you move to take pictures.
  • Long charging period: It takes at least four hours to recharge the battery.
  • Insufficient internal memory: You need to purchase an additional memory card.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic: Good Pick under 200 dollars

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

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Add some vintage to your life with this cheap instant film camera. The Fujifilm Instax Mini develops images as soon as you capture them. It’s a modern-day Polaroid camera. The features and specs make it valuable for your buck.

This one of the best cameras under 200 dollars has the settings and features that allow your pictures to be developed according to your preferences. It detects the brightness of the environment. It then adjusts the flash and the shutter speed to optimize the photo’s quality.

You can create a light trail with the bulb mode. The shutter remains open while the button is pressed for ten seconds. During these seconds the light trail is captured as one photograph.

There are two shooting modes that were favorites amongst many users:

  • Party mode: You can see the party environment well. Not only are the people lit well but the background behind them too.
  • Kids mode: This mode enables you to capture fast-moving subjects such as kids or pets.

The double exposure mode is also one that is seemingly popular. You can capture two images on one film sheet. This is achieved by pressing the shutter twice.

You can capture a subject from 30-60cm away. The macro mode makes the subject appear closer and captures it in fine detail. This best camera for 200 dollars runs off the internal battery that’s rechargeable with the accompanying charger.


  • Good construction: The body is made of plastic yet it’s strong and durable.
  • LCD screen: The screen informs you of the light exposure and mode helping you take the best photos.
  • You can take pictures of yourself: The tripod mount and timer let you take pictures of yourself when no one else can.
  • Quick development: The pictures develop within 60 seconds.


  • Vague instructions: The instructions don’t give details on error messages and how to review or rectify them.
  • Noisy: When you load the film the retractor makes a loud noise.
  • No immediate focus: You need to manually focus the lens or else pictures will come out blurry.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 180

Canon PowerShot ELPH 180

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The 20MP lens and 12MP optical sensor resolution let you capture life’s moments in the greatest of detail. The DIGIC4+ image processor helps you shoot pictures quickly and clearly. All your pictures will be developed in clarity.

Sometimes the environment affects how pictures are taken. Photography professionals and Hobbyists know how to manually adjust the exposure & other settings to tune the camera according to the environment.

If you’re a casual photographer then you’ll appreciate the Smart AUTO feature. It detects the environment and automatically finds the picture mode that’s suitable for it. The Smart AUTO feature ensures your pictures are of the best quality.

Say goodbye to blurry pictures. The Digital IS stabilizes the camera when you move. If you do want a blur for an artistic look you’re able to initiate it with Long Shutter mode.

Do you love taking videos of all the places you visit? The 720 HD video resolution is the perfect way to video scenic beauty while on the move. The videos are smooth and vibrant & as the pictures.

The well priced Canon also has a fantastic ECO mode. Energy consumption is reduced which helps with a longer battery life. This mode turns the camera on instantly so you don’t miss any moments.

The battery is removable and can be recharged with the wall charger. It’s easy to use for beginners. The help button provides information on certain settings and shooting modes to help you get the best out the Canon.


  • Long lasting battery: A single charge lasts hours even when in constant use.
  • Plenty of picture modes: You can change the picture modes to get a more artistic look.
  • Strong construction: It feels durable and it can be carried in your bag without being in a protective case.
  • Standard USB connection: The Canon can connect to your computer with any universal USB.


  • Unfocused: The Canon has troubles focusing instantly which can cause images to blur.
  • Tiny sensor: The megapixels are too large for the sensors which result in low light and poor contrast.
  • Unsafe battery: The battery can swell when charging.

Nikon COOLPIX W100 Waterproof Point and Shoot

Nikon COOLPIX W100

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Do you love being in the water? Then take the Nikon waterproof point and shoot all your water adventures. The low-cost item (under $150) will definitely suit your budget.

The Nikon is ultra durable because:

  • It can be underwater up to 33ft
  • Shockproof from a drop of 5.9 ft
  • Freezeproof

You can always download new software features on to the Nikon point and shoot. Newer updates give you more shooting abilities to enhance the pictures and videos. You can transfer all media to your Smartphone with the app too. You can establish a connection via Wi-fi, NFC or Bluetooth.

How well do you expect to take pictures and videos? The 13.2MP lens and CMOS sensor produces high-resolution images & recordings. The Nikon COOLPIX is great for the beach as it’s dustproof.


  • Compatible with all weather: Rainy, snowy or humid days won’t cause damage.
  • Top durability: It won’t chip or malfunction when it’s dropped.
  • Great for beginners: The Nikon is user-friendly to anyone even children.
  • Consistent phototrophy: Images and videos are detailed & clear under & out of the water.


  • Pairing issues: The Nikon doesn’t pair to your Smartphone instantly.
  • Vague battery indicator: You don’t know how much battery life you have exactly. It either says “full” or “low”.
  • Slow shutter speed: Pictures of subjects that are moving will be blurred.
  • Fragile flash: The flash can easily break or burn out.

PANASONIC LUMIX ZS50 Compact Camera: Great for Travel


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The Panasonic LUMIX could be the top-rated budget point and shoot camera for you if you want something simple & compact to carry with you. The 13MP Panasonic is embedded with an intensive range of picture modes. These help you to capture the best shots based on the surroundings.

Is there something in the sky that you want to photograph? You can with ease and clarity with the 30× Zoom LEICA lens. This lens zooms into the subject with no signs of pixelation.

How often have you captured a picture in the evening yet you can’t see the night lights well? The High Sensitivity MOS sensor gives you the power to shoot night light brightly with less noise. Pictures captured during the evening will have the same clarity as those captured in the day.

You’ll marvel at the HYBRID O.I.S technology. It’s equipped with a 5-axis Optical Image Stabilizer and it automatically detects & rectifies the focus to prevent any blurry pictures. The level shot senses and rectifies the horizontal line of recordings even when the Panasonic Lumix is tilted.

You can record all the action quickly too:

  • 100fps (frames per second) give you HD videos
  • 200fps records in VGA

There is a perfect match between the video and audio.


  • Consistent imagery: All pictures are captured well even if you toggle through the different shooting modes, zoom in or out and use the flash or not.
  • Automatic settings: It detects the best settings for the environment which will produce great shots.
  • Great stabilization: Pictures won’t be blurry even when taken while you’re moving.
  • Loud sound: All audio is played loudly.


  • Loses focus: When you fully zoom in the focus loses the subject.
  • Body issues: There are gaps in the construction which can cause dust to enter the lens.
  • Not practical in humid conditions: It can sweat which can create internal water damage.
  • Flash position: The flash is located under the shutter button. Your finger can get in the way of the flash causing dim photos.

Polaroid Snap Quality Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Snap

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Many Reviews suggest this is the best-rated digital camera under $200 for those who want to build their photo album when on the journey. Comparing price and features it offers the best value for money. The top feature of the Polaroid Snap is the ZINK Zero print technology. You don’t have to worry about ink cartridges and toners. The Polaroid prints what you want with no blots or smudges.

The 3.5’’ touchscreen LCD viewfinder makes it easier for you to point at the subject, focus and shoot. You can shoot multiple pictures with the burst mode. You can also record the action. All videos are recorded in 720p making it easier to relive moments in detail.

You can edit the photos before you print it with the Bluetooth app which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can add filters, texts, borders, Emojis and more to the photos.


  • User-friendly: The Polaroid Snap and the app are easy to use.
  • Zoom ability: You can zoom in and out with the touchscreen. When you zoom in it won’t cause the images to pixelate.
  • Convenient front mirror: The mirror in the front helps you take pictures of yourself at the right angle.
  • Good battery life: The battery lasts hours and is rechargeable via USB.


  • Overheats: The Polaroid Snap and battery can overheat.
  • No stable connection: The app doesn’t establish a permanent connection between the phone and the camera.
  • Firmware update issues: Updating the firmware is complicated and there are barely any instructions to teach you how.
  • Plastic construction: It’s made of plastic and feels flimsy.

YI Lite Small Action Camera

YI Lite Small

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Get ahead of the game with this YI camera. The YI lite is under $100 making it perfect for your budget.The touchscreen design is smart because you don’t have to worry about buttons wearing out and getting that “sticky feeling”.

The good inexpensive camera has all the specs professionals need:

  • Image quality: 16MP
  • Video quality: 4K/20fps, 1080p/30fps and 1080/60fps

The YI lite has a phenomenal battery life. At the highest 1080p/60fps setting you have an estimated 130 minutes of battery life. The advanced connectivity lets you share your images or videos on social media quicker. You can connect the YI to your Smartphone via Wi-Fi. You can also connect the YI to a Bluetooth remote and you can control it from 10 meters away.

This is truly the best high-quality affordable camera for photography. The technology which boosts the imagery include:

  • Six layer ultra wide-angle glass lens: The 150° lens has an aperture of f2.8 which captures images and videos clear & in great light. This is great for evening photos and videos.
  • SONY Exmor Image Sensor: The YI captures videos and pictures in the optimal resolution without it overheating.
  • Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS): It shoots in the best detail with no blur.


  • Responsive thought screen: There are no delays in any commands.
  • User-friendly: You can learn how to use the YI lite quickly because the instructions are elaborate.
  • Easy setup: Powering and activating settings are quick which makes the YI lite ready for immediate use.
  • Compatible App: The action app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


  • Connectivity issues: The Yi Lite has trouble connecting to some devices via Wi-Fi.
  • Poor low light performance: The images can be grainy and not well lit when captured in low light areas.
  • Inconsistent quality: Some images can be pixelated.
  • Bad sounding videos: The audio and the imagery of videos aren’t synced.

Samsung WB350F Photography Camera

Samsung WB350F

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Canon PowerShot ELPH 360

Canon PowerShot ELPH 360

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Sony DSCW830

Sony DSCW830

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GoPro HERO Session

GoPro HERO Session

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Nikon Coolpix S7000

Nikon Coolpix S7000

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Canon PowerShot SX610 HS

Canon PowerShot SX610 HS

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Sony DSCWX220/B

Sony DSCWX220_B

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Digital Cameras Buying Guide

What Is A Point and Shoot Camera?

A point and shoot are synonymous with a compact camera and it’s designed for simple operation.

The characteristics of these cameras include:

  • Autofocus
  • Automatic settings for setting the exposure
  • Built-in flash
  • There are no interchangeable lenses

It’s the ideal carry on when traveling because of its lightweight stature.

What Is the Difference Between A Point and Shoot & DSLR Camera?

A Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) uses a mirror and prism system to allow the photographer to view through the lens as opposed to looking at the viewfinder. You look through the viewfinder for point and shoot cameras. The images projected through the lenses and the viewfinder can be significantly different.

The characteristics of DSLR cameras include:

  • Interchangeable lens
  • Large image sensors
  • Manual setting configurations
  • Interchangeable flashlights

Can Cheap Cameras Capture High-Quality Photos?

You don’t need an expensive camera to get the best looking photographs. There are two factors that can contribute to high-quality pictures taken:

  • The camera’s resolution
  • Your photography skills

The Camera’s Resolution

The easiest way to capture photos in great detail and clarity is to purchase a camera with a high megapixel (MP) count. Look for one that is 10MP and above. You can find good cameras under 200 so it doesn’t affect your budget negatively.

Your Photography Skills

You don’t want to only “point and shoot”. The way you take pictures also determines how it turns out. When you improve your photography skills you can turn a decent photo into one that resembles the images professionals capture.

Follow these small tips to significantly improve how you capture images:

  • Don’t center the subject. You can make your images interesting when the subject is off-center.
  • Explore different angles that offer the best lighting and scenic backgrounds.
  • You can zoom in to capture the background in greater detail.
  • Turn the automatic settings off and manually adjust the exposure to lighter or darker images.
  • Use the flashlight during the day to remove facial shadows created by the sun.
  • Capture images towards the light.

How to Buy A Point and Shoot Camera

Buying a point and shoot camera is not a matter of picking the one that looks best from a catalog. Here are simple tips that will help you pick out the best.

Look at the Sensor Size

Although the megapixels help tremendously when taking quality photographs there is one more feature you must look for. Look for the sensor size too. It’s just as important as the megapixels. Compare the sensors size and pick the one that is the highest.

These matches those that are found in professional DSLR camera. Sensors with a larger size contribute to a smoother color gradation and create a better shallow depth of field.

Pay Attention to Lens Focal Length and Not Only the Zoom Factor

It’s great that your camera can zoom into a distance. An issue may arise when the further you zoom the more distorted the image will be. The length is expressed in millimeters. The greater the millimeters the more distance the camera can cover without distorting the quality of the images.

Look at the LCD Display Resolution

Look for a camera with at least a 2.5’’ display screen. These let you see what you’ll capture in clarity. When you zoom into the image the screen won’t pixelate it.

Get the Image Stabilization Feature

The optical stabilization feature compensates for the shakiness of your hands when you try to capture an image. This feature ensures that all images won’t be blurry.

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  • 9 ratings