Top 3 Best DAWs for Hip Hop & Rap – Reviews

Hip Hop 4 – eJayAfter test-running a good number of digital audio workstations to isolate which of them is best, the Hip Hop 4 – eJay workstation was our pick. Its four thousand beat samples are more than what is obtainable on most DAWs of similar specifications.

They will help both seasoned and amateur hip-hop producers and artists to get started creating beats inspired by legendary artists and producers in the genre.

This capability is enhanced by the 48-track arranger that makes mixing a lot more enjoyable than most digital audio workstations built for making Hip Hop and Rap music.

With the rap box and scratch box features, which help you tune rap beats that incorporate other genres and help you work with virtual turntables respectively, you’ve got yourself the best DAW for Hip Hop.

Top-Rated Hip Hop Music Production Software

#1 Hip Hop 4 – eJay

Hip Hop 4 – eJay

#2 Apple Logic Studio

Apple Logic Studio

#3 Bitwig Music Production

Bitwig Music Production

Hip Hop 4 – eJay: Best DAW for Hip Hop

Hip Hop 4 – eJay

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Imagine how much you can do with the 4 000 beat samples these software packages give you.

These programs for making beats are designed specifically for Hip Hop music producing so you know you’ll find all you’re looking for. With 48 track arrangers what you’re making will also be of the highest quality.

This is no ordinary software package because it makes producing very practical. You can use the Scratch Box feature with its virtual turntables to help produce what you’ll create in a live event. That’s where you get the X-factor into your tracks.

Luckily this program isn’t too restrictive in terms of genres. There’s also a Rap Box feature if you want to mix a few genres or focus on rapping.

Or perhaps you’re not sure which one will suit your creativity best? With rapper recording software integrated you’ve got both bases covered.

This multi-application feature also makes it ideal if you want to use your DAW to set up your own professional studio workstation. You’ll cater for many clients with this one package.

You can use this with many operating systems, but it’s best for PC units with:

  • Windows XP.
  • Windows 98.
  • Windows 2000.
  • Windows Me.

For that X-factor, why not use the tag generator to create your very own graffiti. You can’t have either of these genres without the best graffiti, right?


  • Can mix own tracks.
  • User-friendly.
  • A wide range of sounds covers most instruments.


  • Lacks Latin type rhythms.
  • Requires more string options for optimal efficiency.
  • Some instruments sound more techno than authentic.


Q: Is this a smart and budget wise options for new artists to use?
A: Yes it’s a smart option since you’re able to build your own tracks. This means you don’t have to pay a professional producer. Simply get to know this package really well. It also helps minimize studio time so if you’re recording elsewhere you’ll pay for fewer hours.

Q: Do you have to pay royalties for the sounds you use?
A: No you don’t pay royalties. All the sounds you get with the software you’re free to use in your productions.

Apple Logic Studio: Great for Making Beats

Apple Logic Studio

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Remember your Apple products won’t work for computer setups with Windows operating systems so make sure this product will suffice for all your computers before you make a purchase.

However, if iOS forms the main infrastructure of your DAW setup then you’ve probably found your winning option.

The power of this top-rated hip hop beat making software is because it combines features from various Mac products. It has the upgraded Logic 8 and Soundtrack Pro 2.

Added to that you’ll find a new app called MainStage which is specifically for live music beats. So this isn’t only a production package for your DAW for rap in the studio. Use this for live performances as well.

The package offers the following features:

  • Jam Pack Collections.
  • Final Cut Studio 2inal Cut Studio 2.
  • 18 000 loops.
  • 1300 EXS sampled instruments.

You can see this isn’t an exclusive Rap or Hip Hop focused product. However, the Jam Pack’s Remix features are designed for electronic music genres.

That makes it good hip-hop production software. Add to this the authentic sounding drums, percussions, strings and more & you’ll get high-quality tracks.

When working on your tracks on your computer you can view everything on one screen. Also, use the high-quality hip-hop producing software’s easy ‘drag and drop’ features to create masterpieces.


  • High-quality tracks.
  • Upgrades are easy to get used to.
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface.
  • Huge library.


  • Only for iOS.
  • Difficult to use on old Apple systems.
  • Uses a lot of CPU power.


Q: How do you know if it will work on your specific Apple product?
A: Note that there are some older Apple products on which it may not work. You can research this in the Systems Requirements or ask other clients on forums.

Q: Is this a completely new package or updates from previous ones?
A: While this is a full retail version as well as everything you’ll need to register, take note on Apple software products you purchase: Some will be upgrades while others are new products. This will be stated on the front of the box.

Bitwig Music Production: Good for Rappers

Bitwig Music Production

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Here is a state of the art studio software package that’s also user-friendly so you can use rappers that are new in the music scene and still get an excellent product. It’s a practical option even if you’re new at mixing rapper audio.

You can run it on Windows, Linux or iOS machines. Of course, your mouse and keyboard will also be used but you can even incorporate the features of a touchscreen to make your work go faster.

All of this can be customized to certain degrees because the user interface is flexible. So make your DAW work the way you find most comfortable.

This Bitwig product showcases 17 new devices and other upgrades from earlier versions include:

  • Improved MIDI handling.
  • Dedicated MIDI and CV devices.
  • 25 new modulators.
  • Device updates such as remote controls.

Your fade and crossfade features help you create the tracks that match what true rappers envision in their minds. On your screen, you can line up all you need to see so your whole process can be viewed at once.


  • Specifically for rap music.
  • Can use on most operating systems.
  • Combines linear and non-linear sequencing.
  • Flexible user interface.
  • Many upgrades.
  • More user-friendly than many other high-end products.


  • No focus on Hip Hop.
  • Plugins often give problems.
  • No track grouping.
  • No freeze feature.


Q: Must you pay when it’s time for an upgrade of the software?
A: If you have registered Bitwig products you are eligible for some free updates. All updates in the 1.x series should be available without you paying additional fees.

Q: How does the separate audio engine benefit the user?
A: You’ll love the fact that you don’t have to lose your work anymore. The audio engine feature means your host doesn’t crash even if other features crash. You simply need to save your work, reactivate the plugin you were using or audio engine and you’ll see all your work is still there.


The benefit of this day and age is that musicians are empowered to create to their hearts’ content with one of these in a studio. If you know Hip Hop or Rap is your thing, then make sure your software for hip-hop or rap supports your favorite features.

And don’t forget the power of using different genres in unison. Now, how will you set up the best DAW for hip hop or rap and make your unique mark in the music industry?