When you look out for an aesthetically refined form of entertainment at home or parties, you would like to get in touch with watercolor speakers. These are easy to handle, free from drab accessories and are beautiful indeed. The dancing water speakers are compatible with a number of the device like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and produces high-quality sound. So, if you are in the hunt for the latest gadgets for entertainment at the weekends, or wish to have a romantic time with your loved ones in a colorful hue, you can buy a portable music player. Here are the reviews of the top ten best dancing water speakers 2018 based on consumer reports, and when you buy one, you can avail any one from these.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Dancing Water Speakers

SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speakers

SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speakers LED Speakers Light Show Water Fountain Speakers (3.5mm Audio Plug, 4 Colored LED Lights

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When you crave for a sophisticated light show, you can opt for these Hi-Fi stereo model from SoundSoul. These are light weight and have a great texture. The interior and exterior portions of these small speakers are made of non-toxic materials and contain acrylic. The in-built amplifiers bring you perfect stereo sound, and there are as many as four LED color shades. You can use it as DJ or television ones, and it is a popular product that comes to you under 20$.This product is compatible with Laptop and most other devices.

SoundOriginal 6 Watt Dancing Water Stereo Speakers

SoundOriginal 6 Watt Dancing Water Stereo Speakers

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This model is amazing in look, and have a 3-D appearance. The dance beats in water are controlled by the volume and tone of the songs played. There are four shades of colors that illuminate the room. There is a twelve-month warranty for the product. This model connects to any music source and you will find it entertaining when you buy the product.  It is ideal for home, parties and office alike, and one can use the speakers for a perfect water show.

SoundSOUL Speakers

SoundSOUL Speakers LED Speakers Wireless Water Fountain Speakers (Bluetooth 4.0, 4 Colored LED Lights,

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The latest trends of popular water speakers reveal that people love the wireless speakers dearly for their easy accessibility and great looks. This product come to you with a 3.5mm audio input and has four buttons. It is easy to pair the gadget with your iPhone or computer, and you can enjoy unlimited music when you get one for your home. You will like the perfect blend of fountain-styled LED lights color combination and it produces good quality sound. You can relish optimum relaxation and ease with these speakers around.

Kocaso Cyclone Speaker

Kocaso with Bluetooth 4.0

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You would definitely like this option that has a rotating globe at the top. The color and pattern change according to the beats of the song. The stereo sound is complemented by three variations of the color blue, green and red. There is no crack in the sound and you will like the amazing water speakers. This product has adjustable bass levels and the blue tooth connectivity enables it to be paired with any device within a few minutes. This product has a warranty period of one year.

Kingstar Dancing Water Speaker

Kingstar Dancing Water

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This is one of the best water speakers that create incredible light show. Several shades of light are produced from the carambola-shaped device. You will like the portable music player. You can enjoy dancingalong with the beats when you have this product, and the product is powered by lithium batteries. These provide it with a long life and the fashionable lights create a great ambiance to enjoy. There are a number of ways to connect it to other devices, including Bluetooth.

Costech Mini Music Speaker

Dancing Water Mini Music Speaker, Costech Fountain Colorful LED Light Dual Speakers for Iphone,Ipad,Samsung,Tablets,Devices with 3.5mm

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This is a popular product in the market and you can get it with all necessary connection cords. This mini model can be connected to all possible devices from smartphones to laptops and when you look out for a product with no battery required, you will find this one ideal for you. These are Hi-Fi stereo speakers that you will find easy to play. You just need to plug the device into the socket and enjoy the music. It comes to you at best price and the water jets are really elegant. The cheap water speakers are quite popular in the market.

IHOVEN Stereo Dancing Water Speaker

Dancing Water Speakers,IHOVEN

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These light show speakers powered by LED lamps are popular in the market and have good customer reviews. These are really good water speakers that deliver a perfect audio-visual treat to you. There are designs that look like fish in the water and the changing pattern of the water makes them look beautiful. It has a good design and comes at a reasonable cost to you. You will get utmost contentment when you use the it.

Sharper Image SBT5002

Sharper Image SBT5002 Water & Light Show Bluetooth Streaming 2.1 Speakers With Subwoofer & Beat Responsive Dancing Lights

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These are one of the best light up speakers in the market and have a good overall review. This is a big model with water and lights and the powerful subwoofer enables you to adjust the bass level. The fountain speakers have a great sound, and the LED lights produce a stunning ambiance when they reflect the water jets. It is easy to pair the device with other device and one will get optimum entertainment from the device. The package contains a standard USB power plug and user manual for guidance.

New ATake By Lightahead

New ATake Third generation Colorful Diamond

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When you look out for all the good features in a single device, you can opt for this one. It brings you a sophisticated look and unlimited features. You can connect it to any device and enjoy long hours of music. These are light weight speakers and portable gadgets. No battery is needed for this Lightahead model and there are as many as six shades of lights. This is great combination of light and sound and you can use it anywhere you please. It is a versatile product, after all.

SUNYEE Colorful LED Fountain Dancing Water Speaker


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This is one of the good brands in the market that produces neon colored lights. It comes from one of the best brands and is compatible with almost all computers and phones, besides laptops and other devices. It allows you to control the dance beats and tone according to your needs, and you will be able to customize the product as per your requirements. The colorful liquid is actually made from plant oil, and since it is non-conducting, it is more secure than water. It has a three-dimensional appearance. This is a popular product that will live up to your expectations.