The Top-Rated Cordless Drill Reviews in 2018

No one wants a stress-filled life. I know I don’t. This explains the revolution surrounding power tools. Cordless drills are created to make your life easier. The obstacle to this hassle-free life is perhaps getting a decent drill from the numerous products in the market. The need to assist you with this onerous task of finding that quality tool has lead to the production of this article.

The Best Top 5 Cordless Drills:

  • Milwaukee 2407-22
  • Makita XPH102
  • Bosch DDB181-02
  • DeWalt DC970K-2
  • Black and Decker LDX120C

#5. Milwaukee 2407-22 12V 3/8 Drill Driver Kit

Milwaukee 2407-22

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The Milwaukee makes this list of the best cordless drills. This power tool supplies a torque more than 275 inches lbs. It has metallic chuck which provides sufficient grip on the rotating end. It is powered by a lithium battery. The visible gauge around the protruding end of the product serves as a battery indicator. You also get a spare battery and a charger which takes just about 30 minutes for a full charge.

One of the apparent strengths of this power tool is its compact nature. This reduces the pressure you bear while using this hand drill. To sum it up this 12v drill comes with a case for enhanced mobility. The only visible let down of this power tool is the ratcheting metallic chuck. Another drawback of this cordless model driver is the 12V battery doesn’t keep sufficient charge to last through the span of the task in hand. Home use of the tool would be a remarkable decision.

#4. Makita XPH102 18V LXT Cordless

Makita XPH102

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Seeking a compact cordless drill with more torque? The Makita XPH102 can deliver a torque of about 480 inches lbs. This top-rated drill comes with an oscillating hammer end. It comes with the Makita technology, XPT which protects the power tool against elemental factors. The lightweight nature of this cordless hammer drill is a comfortable option compared to the traditional woodworking tools. It’s built from good quality materials.

Its 18v battery provides more power in comparison to that of the Milwaukee. It takes just about an hour charge. This 18v cordless drill comes with a tool case and is equipped with a LED light. The only apparent problem is it lacks the ruggedness needed to serve as a heavy duty drill. Also, it doesn’t come with any extra battery. However, most customer reviews indicate a lot of people are happy with this tool kit. It’s also a decent power drill for automotive purposes.

#3. Bosch DDB181-02 18-Volt

Bosch DDB181-02

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With a weight of just about 3.0 lbs., the Bosch tool can be considered lightweight. This saves you the strain typical of carrying a heavy device for a long time. This cordless set delivers a torque of 350 in lbs maximum which should provide sufficient power required for most chores. With a speed of about 1300 Rev/min, this device proves capable of fast-paced drilling tasks.

This compact model comes with two 18V rechargeable lithium batteries. Bosch seems to have taken maneuverability to a whole new level with this tool. A proportionate 7.1 inches head is evidence of that fact. The conspicuous let down of this battery drill is the lack of the gauge. The power generated is not suitable for tasks which demand a lot of power. Durability is another flaw of this lithium ion cordless drill. It breaks down when used on extremely thick surfaces. Regardless of its many flaws, it’s a good cordless drill.

#2. DeWalt DC970K-2 DEWALT DC970K-2

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The DeWalt DC970K-2 gets #2 pick in our list of the top-rated lithium ion cordless drills. Its ratcheting chuck of about 1/2 inch should prove adequate for an intense working environment. With a weight of about 4.7 lbs, this power tool might be considered heavier than expected. This DeWalt cordless drill has a wider range of speed compared to the Black and Decker. This tool comes with an efficient motor capable of delivering a maximum power output of 380 units watts out. It has two 18V Nickel/Cadmium batteries. Each battery can be charged in 1 hour which means the device spends less time on the charger and more time working. This DeWalt drill driver comes with a carrying case. One of the shortcomings of this one is the excess noise generated by the device. Its use of the NiCd batteries which stores far less power compared to its Li-ion counterpart isn’t great. This model is a great power tool for homeowners.

#1. Black and Decker LDX120C 20-Volt


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Black and Decker LDX120C is one of the best 20V cordless drills under $100. The power tool is lightweight which means less stress on your arms while working. The Black and Decker model has a torque of about 115 inches lbs. The several clutch settings ensure you can alter the torque generated by the device. It has a maximum speed of 650 Rev/min, suitable for simple fastening chores and drilling tasks. The keyless chuck of the Black and Decker LDX120C measures 3/8” in diameter. This one comes with a LED light source for visibility in dark areas.

This Black and Decker drill driver is fitted with a 20V lithium ion battery. The LDX120C is a decent drill for DIY enthusiasts. However, this battery-powered drill wouldn’t be an ideal choice for a professional in the construction or woodwork sector. The lack of a carrying case is another visible flaw of this device. At under $100, this one represents value for the money.

Shopping Guide for Power Drills: What to Look For

Before you venture into purchasing that power drill, assessing the objective you intend to achieve with the tool is important. There are electric drills for basic tasks like fastening screws or drilling openings and those for intense working conditions. After identifying the ‘why’ behind your purchase, you would want to consider certain factors which are instrumental to your objective. Some of such factors include:


A compact drill is more effective compared to a bulky power tool. With the former, you can reach areas which might be a problem with the latter. Also, you might want to consider a lightweight drill especially those weighing 4.5 lbs and lower. This is essential since you don’t want to get fatigued easily before you complete the task. Sometimes your working environment might be less illuminated which could be a problem. However, modern models now come with a LED light source which should increase the visibility of your workstation. Having this feature in your tool is worth considering.


Speed is one of the features typical of power drills. The speed is measured in rev/min. With a higher speed means tasks are completed on time. However, having a drill with a variable speed is recommended since you can alter the speed to suit the situation.


The force applied by a drill is dependent on its torque. With a higher torque, you can penetrate much more challenging surfaces. So, if you’re looking for a tool capable of penetrating some of the toughest surfaces, then one with a high torque would be ideal. However, a few models (like the DeWalt 970K) use a different rating the unit watts out which combine the conventional torque and speed.


Contemporary tools now use batteries as a source of power. With drills, the lithium ion battery is popular. NiCd batteries are also used, but they don’t store sufficient charge compared to their Li-ion counterpart. A NiCd battery also has the memory effect which puts it at a disadvantage. Also, some models come with extra batteries other don’t so if you want more batteries with your model that’s another noteworthy factor.


Before purchasing, you would want to consider your budget. Pricing is one of the most important factors on this list. The best price is dependent on the features incorporated into the tool. High-end features such as more power, enhanced grip, lighter weight and better batteries drive the cost of a drill upwards.

Common Functions of Cordless Drills

As mentioned earlier, your use of a drill determines the kind of tool you should purchase. For emphasis, we have compiled a list of tasks you would find a cordless drill extremely useful.

Surface Penetration

Cordless drills can be used to create openings especially since you can replace the standard bit with a broader tip. The power is dependent on its speed and torque ratings though some devices use the unit watts out as a replacement.


Typically using a bit to drill a surface is one of the functions of a cordless one. This isn’t rocket science! Drills are built with sufficient power to perforate surfaces at rates we can only dream in the past.


One of the special things about cordless models is their versatility. You can achieve a lot with these set of power tools. You can replace the bits in the drill to suit the task before you. Drills can be used for driving screws which is regarded as a complicated task. This is due to the delicacy associated with such a task. Thus, a higher speed isn’t one of the common demands of this type of operation.

Tips for Buying A Cordless Drill

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