Ice Chest Reviews – Our Top 9 Best Rated Coolers

Are you about to go off on your summer holiday but is still doing up your packing lists? Don’t forget to bring a cooler along with you to beat the heat! Once the sun starts beating down on you, you will want to reach for that cold drink. With queues that are usually long at the drink stand, why not bring your own? Too many coolers on the market for you to choose from?

This is the article for you!

We will be doing a quick review of the 9 of the best coolers 2018 that are currently on the market so that you can make a more informed decision!

Comparison of the Top-Rated Ice Chest Coolers

RTICORCAPolar Bear CoolersYETI
45 Quart40 Quart24 Pack75 Quart
Rating: 4.8Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.8

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RTIC 45 | Best Ice Chest Cooler for The Beach

RTIC Cooler

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The RTIC it is extremely handy and perfect for your beach cooler. A cheap roto-molded cooler option, the RTIC 45 almost indestructible with its high impact resistance and long durability while at the same time, it is good for keeping ice chilled for up to 10 days.

This model comes in the color white, keeps away unnecessary heat even in the hot outdoor weather conditions. This midsize cooler makes for a perfect multi-purpose cooler. It has molded-in side handles that can be carried by one person with ease.

It also boasts a rapid V-drain system which allows for quick draining of liquid from its interior, preventing a build-up of any substances inside the cooler. The RTIC 45 can also be used either as a bench or a lunch table while keeping your drinks cool at the same time. Find Our Full RTIC Cooler Reviews Here

ORCA 40-Quart | Best Camping Cooler


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ORCA coolers are the epitome of cool. Founded by lovers of the outdoors, they are the best ice chest coolers for camping in the forests, hiking the trails, or for a road trip with your family and friends.

As one of the top rotomolded coolers with integrated insulation, ORCA allows for easy temperature control that retains the cold for as long as ten days. Made with durable materials in the United States, ORCA products are affordable and are one of the few cooler brands with great customer reviews on third-party neutral sites such as Amazon and eBay.

If you are looking for varying sizes of coolers to use, then ORCA might be your best choice as it has a large range of models that go from small to large, being able to fit all that you want to bring along on your trip. ORCA also comes with a flat top that allows it to double up as a meal table or chopping board to suit your camping needs. Find Our Comparative Orca Coolers Vs Yeti Review Here

Polar Bear Nylon Series | Best Soft Cooler

Polar Bear,Nylon Series 24 Pack Green

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The Polar Bear Nylon Series are the best soft coolers available on the market at the moment. Coming in with different sizes from a 6-pack personal cooler to a 48-pack, this soft model can keep ice cool for as long as 24 hours under high heat. It comes with a one-inch thick, high-density foam insulation that aids its cause. So, no matter whether if it’s on a boat, a park, or a rafting party, the Polar Bear Nylon Series products are incredibly easy to carry around.

For soft coolers, one of the key indicators of a high-quality cooler is in its lining and how easily it might leak. All Polar Bear coolers are manufactured with strong, durable materials guaranteed to be leak proof no matter the situation and are equipped with heavy-duty bottom saddles for additional stability.

Also, these ones could be made for great gifts with all coolers being able to be embroidered with text, monogram or logo for a more personalized gift!

YETI Tundra 75 Rotomolded | Best Marine Hunting Cooler

YETI Tundra 75

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As its name suggests, YETI Tundra ice coolers are one of the best brands of marine coolers out there on the market. Be it at the lake, out in the camping site, or at a barbeque, the YETI Tundra can hold up to 50 cans and is highly recommended for all your family’s needs.

Best used as a marine cooler, the YETI Tundra has grooves in its design to easily hold briskets and fishing lines. It also comes with the option of having dividers to separate the different kinds of catch you get from a day at sea.

This good quality hunting cooler comes with 2 inches of insulation and the pressure grade polyurethane foam in both the lids and walls to ensure that ice remains ice. Having a rotomolded construction, the YETI Tundra is almost indestructible – something backed that’s backed by almost every online review from satisfied customers. With custom logos or designs available, the YETI Tundra is definitely the cooler to purchase! Find Our Detailed YETI Cooler Review Here

Coleman 16-Quart Small | Best Personal Wheeled Cooler For The Money

Coleman 16 Quart Personal Wheeled

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The Coleman is a compact and small cooler that holds up to 22 cans – enough for a small party with friends. This budget-friendly option comes with wheels for easier transportation. Also, with these recessed wheels and molded handles, you no longer have to worry about the weight of the cooler as you can easily pull it around instead.

The Coleman comes with a hinged lid that makes for easy one hand opening and closing. It also comes with detachable parts for easy replacements of its wheels, handles, and more. This helps customers save on the cost of replacing an entire cooler whenever wear and tear sets in. Its foam lining is environmentally friendly with low carbon dioxide levels and it retains its signature Coleman bright outlook to remain very much recognizable from afar.

Able to keep ice chilled for up to 2 days, it has the best price around for personal coolers which gives their competitors a good run for their money.

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler | Premium Features

Pelican Products ProGear Elite

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These Pelican premium coolers are a well-known brand in their field. Boasting a clean white exterior, Pelican cooler`s rugged hardware is made to last even the most extreme of environments – making them a top-rated camping cooler.

The Pelican comes with freezer-grade seals making it one of the best-insulated coolers with the ability to chill ice for long durations which averages 7-10 days.

Created to last a lifetime, Pelican models are so well made that they have lifetime warranty guarantee. This means that they will replace coolers which go against their claim of being built to last which allows them to have consistently good reviews by customers. The Pelican also has a built-in bottle opener for your partying needs.

Coleman Xtreme 70qt | Cheapest Cooler

Coleman Xtreme

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The cheapest cooler you can find on the market. The Coleman Xtreme is a good ice chest which is able to keep contents in it chilled for as long as 5 days. Well insulated with Polyurethane insulation which fully lines the inside of the cooler, no gaps in lining ensures that everything that is placed inside stays cold for a longer period of time in comparison to its competitors.

Implementing the newest available technology, Coleman has identified that the top and the bottom has the places with greatest heat transfer. Hence, the new Coleman Xtreme has a thicker insulation in these places to increase its cooling performance. These models also have angled corners for a more performance efficient shape to keep your goods cooler for longer.

Grizzly 75-Quart | Best Hunting Cooler

Grizzly 75 quart Cooler

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The Grizzly is one of the best hunting coolers you can get your hands on. It has a consistently high rating in online forums, with many hunting enthusiasts buying it. Rotationally-moulded and constructed, the Grizzly is known for its ability to withstand extreme situations.

With non-slip rubber feet and 2 tie-down slots, the Grizzly makes sure that it stays stable on any kind of terrain. A credible key player in the ice cooler industry, the Grizzly has a lifetime warranty for all its products and a free replacement for all products that do not last under tough conditions.

This product also comes with full-length drain channels, allowing quick emptying of liquids in the cooler to ensure that no build up occurs. With a perfectly sealed rubber gasket along the side of the cooler, the Grizzly ensures that your goods stay cool for the entire hunting, fishing, or camping expedition.

Igloo Super Tough STX | Lunch/Day Cooler

Igloo Super Tough STX Cooler

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A small and compact cooler, the Igloo Super Tough STX is a low-profile ice chest designed for tough conditions. With a stainless-steel latch and heavy duty armored hinges, the Igloo has a body that’s 40% heavier for longer durability.

Equipped with the new cool-riser technology, the Igloo keeps goods cool by convection heat from warm surfaces. Goods placed inside can then remain chilled for up to 4 days in the Igloo cooler. A recessed drain plug allows for easy draining of melted ice in the cooler and at the same time, its secure fit ensures that the plug is leak-proof no matter where you go.

Equipped with a ruler in the lid, you can easily be able to decide if the fish you caught can be kept in it or should it be thrown back to sea. With a three-year warranty on their products, Igloo coolers give customers the peace of mind when making that purchase decision.

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