Computer speakers are some of the most customized computer accessories that entertainment lovers opt to buy. You may love blasting audio or sophisticated music, but you need not bleed your pockets. You can get some of the good computer speakers under $100 on the market. The variety and features of these products might confuse you, so we present to you with the reviews of top ten best computer speakers 2018 on the market that comes under $100.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Computer Speakers

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers


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This is a top-grade multimedia speaker that produces high-quality sound. It is compatible with other devices like iPad or iPhone. The clarity of sound is what you need to look out for. It is one of the best speakers under 100 dollars. The headphone jack and volume control button are placed on the front side of the right speaker. You can watch videos with high bass, listen to music or enjoy online streaming music when you have this set  from a top brand.

Genius SW-G2.1 2000 2.1 Gaming Speaker System


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In case you are looking out for one of the best gaming speakers for seamless entertainment, you just need to buy this product. The set comes along with subwoofer that is compatible with laptops, Apple devices, Android systems, PC’s and tablets. With a total output power of 45 watts, it comes to you at the best price. You can also enjoy your privacy when you play the music as it has an additional headphone socket. This is one of the most popular speakers on the market and you can enjoy full control of the volume and bass.

GOgroove BassPULSE Computer Speaker System


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This is a good computer speaker system that you can avail at an affordable price. This model produce good quality audio, enabling you to rejoice music to its true sense of the term. Apart from the desktop, it is compatible with other gadgets like smartphone, tablet, iPhone and so on. You will have complete enjoyment with bass and treble control and there are LED lights that illuminate the gadget. You will also get a warranty of three years when you buy the gadget. The best part of the feature is that it is compatible with most of the computer brands and is a cheap speaker for computer.

Logitech Z333


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When you look out for a computer speaker system at an affordable rate that produces high-quality audio, you can try out this particular device. You will be able to control the sound system easily. The bass can be increased or decreased by turning the control knob of the subwoofer. It is a good model and enjoys full compatibility with all sorts of external devices from gaming consoles to smartphones. There is a jack for headphone, in case you opt for listening to music privately. You can use it with any recognized operating system.

Genius Hi-Fi Wood Speaker for Computers


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If you want an elegant looking computer speaker system this set with a wooden finish will cater your requirements. You can enjoy a richer and warmer sound when you buy this top-rated speaker. The front side of the product is black and the sides are furnished to deliver a catchy look to it. It has a maximum output of 14 watts. You can enjoy private listening with the help of headphones, besides connecting it to other devices like smartphones and iPods. It has good customer reviews and comes within the average budget.

Cyber Acoustics with Subwoofer


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This is another top-rated computer speaker system with subwoofer. There are two satellite speakers besides the main one. It comes from one of the best brands and is low-priced in comparison to other ones. You can control the sound quality, adjusting the treble and bass wherever necessary. There is a separate pod for controlling the speakers. You can turn it off and on from the control pod, adjusting the sound with your fingers. The features support auxiliary input and headphones as well.

Amazon Basics


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This is a reputed AC powered computer speaker, featuring a 3.5 mm plug. It produces excellent sound and supports headphones. The favorable review and rating of the computer speaker system reveal that it is a good product to choose from the lot. With a total power output of five watts, it is a good product and you can fancy a rich sound quality when you use the speaker. The ‘on’ button is used to control the volume in this device.

Anker Classic Portable


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If you long for high-definition tunes from wireless speakers, you need to buy this device. These are portable speakers powered by Bluetooth and have an outstanding connectivity range of 33 feet. The package also includes the instruction manual and a travel torch, along with other wired and connection accessories. There is a 3.5 mm jack to connect with devices that are not powered by Bluetooth. When you turn the device on, it gets auto-connected with the last-paired device. It has good consumer reports due to its versatile use and portability.

Altec Lansing BXR1220


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You will enjoy all the standard features of a computer speaker system in this device. It is one of the most popular devices on the market and you can get it at a reasonable cost. The technology in the model supports audio alignment to get accuracy and clarity in sound quality. The volume and power controls are built-in. the gadget connects with other devices using USB cable and you privately plug in a headphone in the speaker.

M-Audio AV32 Studio


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In case you want a studio monitor speaker, you can opt for this particular device. It comes with woofers, three inches in size. The device is powered by RCA inputs that support mixes, DJ gears and even more. There are amplifiers with the maximum capacity of 10 watts per channel. This option cones are uncovered and flexible, that enhance the quality of sound. It is compatible with mobiles, computers, tablets and smartphones. These are ideal for small home studios. It is a highly recommended computer speaker system, ensuring the optimum value of your money.