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Del Rossa Women Long Hooded Bathrobe
Finding comfortable and quality bathrobe might be difficult. But we, experts, are here to help you.

For your comfort, we’ve gone through dozens of internet pages and spent a few days shopping for bathrobes. With no doubt, we can highly recommend the Women’s Fleece Solild Robe by Alexander Del Rossa.

It is made of a high-quality pure polyester and feels so comfy on your skin. There is nothing softer and warmer than this amazing bathrobe.

And have a look at its large pockets. So handy for home use.  This product is definitely one of the best bathrobes for women and men.

Top-Rated Bathrobes for Women & Men

Del Rossa Women’s Fleece Robe8090
Del Rossa Men’s Long Hooded Bathrobe 10090
The Bund Women’s Short Satin Robe7080
TowelSelections Terry Cloth8080
Old Shanghai Silk Kimono6090
UGG Ladies Luxury Duffield5090
Arus Men’s Short Bathrobe, Turkish Cotton6080
ExceptionalSheets 100% Egyptian Cotton, Unisex6080
Richie House Plush Warm Bathrobe10090
Turquaz Linen Lightweight Waffle Spa Robe7090
Victoria’s Secret Monogrammed Robe590

Del Rossa Women’s Fleece Robe (Best for Her)

Del Rossa Womens

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Our pick for one of the best women`s bathrobes is this plush comfy robe by Alexander Del Rossa. Enjoy a feel of luxury with this best bathrobe for her made from 100% pure polyester (15oz. microfiber). It’s like wearing clouds around you, as you are enveloped in this lightweight yet warm and soft material.

This beautiful bathrobe makes a wonderful gift and a nice personal luxury at home. Plus, it’s great for keeping warm after a swim or a bath during colder months. The hood provides that extra comfort to your head too. Finally, this best robe ever comes with great color options to match your style.

Overall, we love how this robe looks, feels and all for a fair price. The price and quality make it an excellent gift or spa robe as you would expect from a top-rated brand.


  • Posh design with microfleece material. A luxurious microfleece robe made from 100% pure polyester.
  • Sturdy and well-made. Features excellent and clean stitching,
  • Warm Hood. This robe is hooded with the same material providing the same comfort and warmth to your head.
  • Designed with large pockets. Use it for keeping your hands warm or keeping your phone and valuables after a swim. These large pockets make for extra convenience and comfort.
  • Good value for the price. It’s a high-quality robe with an excellent material at the $50 range.


  • Pricier. It’s not your $30 bathrobe but for its thickness, quality and warmth it gives you more than your money’s worth.

Del Rossa Men’s Long Hooded Bathrobe (Best for Him)

Del Rossa Mens

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Our best robes for women from Alexander Del Rossa also come with a style for men. This plush robe is made of the same 100% polyester material and is a full microfleece robe. It also comes with the same warm hood that we appreciate for cold weather and two large pockets.

It features a secure close and beautiful color and design options to match his style. These best mens robes are a full-length with size options to match his height. This men’s robe and the ladies’ version makes for beautiful couple bathrobes, great for your loved one or as a gift for your couple friends/relatives.


  • Full-length microfleece robe. Made of the same luxurious microfleece material from 100% pure polyester.
  • Durable and well-made. Features excellent and clean stitching,
    Warm Hood. The men’s version also features the same warm hood great for showers or a swim in the cold weather.
  • Designed with large pockets. Use it for keeping your hands warm or keeping your phone and valuables after a swim. These large pockets make for extra convenience and comfort.
  • Good value for the price. It’s a high-quality robe with the excellent material at the $50 range.
  • Washing Machine Ready. No special handling when it comes to washing just pops it in the washer any time you need it cleaned.


  • Pricier. It’s not your $30 bathrobe but for its thickness, quality and warmth it gives you more than your money’s worth.

The Bund Women’s Short Satin Robe

The Bund Women

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If satin is your preferred material, this bathrobe is a great choice. It has a beautiful oblique V-Neck cut and elbow length sleeves sporting a Kimono style. Additionally, it features two side pockets for convenience and is designed to be invisible from the overall look.

As for quality, this bathrobe is made with light but durable high-quality polyester fiber. So it looks and feels expensive, but you’ll be surprised that it comes under a $20 price tag. Moreover, this best womens robe comes with the many color options to match your style and preference. Plus, with that price tag, you can afford to buy more than one piece.

The high-end feel for a friendly price makes it a good gift without hurting your pocket or a great robe for a spa. You’ll find that the overall quality makes it stand out against other satin bathrobes.


  • High quality at an affordable price. You get a high-end quality product with quality materials at an affordable price.
  • Beautiful color options. With up to 20 color choices with beautiful shades to choose from.
  • Elegant design. It features a stylish oblique V-Neck cut coupled with a short Kimono style, which looks both sexy and sleek.
  • Durable and comfortable. This satin robe is made of high-quality polyester that is both durable and lightweight.


  • Specific washing care. Needs to be washed cold and in gentle cycle mode then at low tumble-dry for drying. It is also recommended for dry cleaning more than washing.

TowelSelections Terry Cloth: The Most Comfortable Bathrobe


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Fancy something more of a spa-quality robe? The thick, absorbent and plush material of terry cloth has extra absorbent qualities while being extra soft. This makes it perfect for after baths, a dip in the hot tub or pool.

Our best Terry Cloth robe is by Towel Selections made from 100% Turkish cotton. Its design features a comfortable shawl collar for extra comfort and warmth, a removable belt and two large front pockets. Plus, if you have sensitive skin, you can be sure that this best terrycloth robe has no harmful substances.

We love the over-all luxurious look and feel of this bathrobe and it comes in different colors to fit your preference. Considering all that, this definitely makes one of the best spa robes.


  • Well-made and with excellent material. Features double stitching for extra durability and is made of 100% Turkish cotton.
  • Perfect for after bath or swimming. It is extra absorbent due to its terry cloth material forming a thick, plush, and absorbent robe.
  • Eco-Friendly. As it is cotton based, it is made of biodegradable and renewable material.
  • Comfortable over-all design and fit. Features a shawl collar design, with two front pockets and secure close.
  • Machine Washable. Easily cleaned via machine wash in warm water and dried in low dry heat.


  • Removable belt. Can be misplaced, so take extra care if you wash this alongside other clothing.

Old Shanghai Silk Kimono Long Robe

Old Shanghai Silk

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If you enjoy a touch of Asian culture and art, you’ll love the elegance of this silk bathrobe from the Old Shanghai Collection. We love the beautiful front and back hand-painted artwork rendered on this Kimono style robe. It will make a woman feel like a princess.

It’s one of the most comfortable robes you can wear. So much that some customers say it feels like water sliding on your skin. It’s not hard to believe since this robe is made of 100% Silk. Meanwhile, worry not about warmth, because while silk is lightweight and thin it works well for both winter and summer.

Looking at it closely, you’ll appreciate how well-made it is featuring a French seam finish. Additionally, its color options are beautiful and come in different length options to fit your style.


  • Excellent material. Made from 100% silk that is both lightweight and comfortable.
  • Beautiful Design. The Asian-inspired hand-painted artwork is both elegant and appealing. This coupled with a Kimono-style cut makes for an overall stylish look.
  • Luxurious feel. Durable and well-made with a French seam finish over excellent material that slides softly on your skin.


  • Expensive. It’s a luxury robe for a price. It comes with a price tag over $100.
    Careful cleaning required. With lavish material, this bathrobe requires dry cleaning only.

UGG Ladies Luxury Duffield Robe

UGG Ladies Luxury

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You’ll already love this robe at first glance. We love the beautiful shawl collar design and how well placed the belt closure is.  Additionally, it’s made of a great combination of comfortable materials, particularly Polyester, Cotton and Spandex.

The long sleeves and lush feel make it great for cold winter drabs, many customers say so too. For added comfort, the robe features an inner lining with extra soft fleece to wrap around your skin. Probably why some say it’s so comfortable that if they could live in it they would.

Convenience wise, the robe features two large pockets to warm your hands and keep your small items and is machine washable. Finally, it comes with great neutral color options and sizes to fit your need.

Overall, it’s plush, comfortable, and elegant and comes at a fair price for its quality.


  • Super soft and comfortable lining. Lined with extra soft fleece, it provides extra comfort and feels great on the skin.
  • Plush but lightweight. Many customers appreciate how lush it is yet light on the body.
  • Stylish design. Designed with a slight contrast shade and material around the shawl collar that provides accent and elegance.
  • Reasonable price. For excellent quality and material, this robe is reasonably priced.


  • Removable belt. Can be misplaced, so take extra care if you wash this alongside other clothing.

Arus Men’s Short Kimono Bathrobe Turkish Cotton

Arus Mens Short

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Featuring a straight cut and simplistic kimono style, this robe fits men perfectly. It sports a very simple look with two large front pockets and a belt closure. However, don’t be fooled with the utilitarian look that you’ll find in most spas. This is a lightweight cotton robe made of 100% cotton, made and imported from Turkey. This means great comfort and warmth.

Color choices for this robe are kept to basic neutral colors including white, black, navy blue, and burgundy. So if you’re up for fancier colors, it won’t give you a lot to choose from. However, size options are complete and a lot of users who are short in height appreciate how well it fits.

Overall, for a budget-friendly price, you get excellent quality and stitching and a simple yet comfortable design.


  • Budget-friendly price. It’s a high-quality robe that comes at an affordable price under $50.
  • 100% Cotton. The terry cloth is of pure cotton and is made and imported from Turkey.
  • Simple and comfortable design. If you’re up for something more straightforward yet comfy, this is a great choice. Plus, many customers appreciate how well the size options fit.
  • Plush yet lightweight. Because of its excellent material, the robe feels light despite being thick and plush.


  • Careful machine wash advised. There were some concerns about the product not lasting multiple washes but this would depend on settings used.
  • Limited color options. Colors available are limited to four choices.

ExceptionalSheets 100% Egyptian Cotton Unisex Terry Cloth Bathrobe

ExceptionalSheets 100%

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Looking for the best cotton robe within a medium budget range? This would be your best bet. It’s the best bathrobe for him and her. Additionally, unlike most cotton robes that are made in Turkey, this features 100% Egyptian cotton. This makes it special because this material is 100% long staple cotton, which provides a good balance of durability and softness.

Moreover, the supplier is so confident in the quality of their product that they provide a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. Many customers appreciate how well absorbent it is while also being comfortable and soft on the skin.

This plush bathrobe is thick and warmest making it a perfect partner for winter weather baths and showers. Its unisex cut long sleeves and snug neck fit give you the warmth that you need.


  • Made from special Egyptian cotton. Sets itself apart from other cotton robes in material featuring 100% long staple cotton for absorbency, comfort and durability.
  • Well-made and durable. Features good stitching and durable material that lasts long. Plus, it is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Warm and snug fit. Apart from the warm material, the long sleeves and collar fit provide good warmth.
  • Supplier confidence. Have you to appreciate that 30-day money-back guarantee right?
  • Machine Washable. Is easy to keep clean and lasts many washes without its color fading.
  • Affordable price. For this quality under a $100, it’s a good buy.


  • Nothing outstanding to note. We couldn’t find anything we didn’t like with this robe either.

Richie House Plush Soft Warm Bathrobe

Richie House Plush

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Sporting a semi-vintage look with its thick textured/contrasted shawl collar makes this stand out against other best bathrobes in the world. Moreover, it feels luxurious and super soft being made from high quality 100% polyester fabric. The robe is well stitched and durable, made thick for warmth and absorbency.

This robe features a secure closure with its self-tied belt allowing a snug fit for warmth. It also features two oversized front pockets with the same textured detail matching the collar complimenting its overall style.

It’s a comfortable and stylish bathrobe to keep at home or give as a gift. You’ll also appreciate that while it looks and feels luxurious; it comes at an affordable price below $50.

And with that price, you’ll enjoy choosing from their stylish varieties in color and style options. These include options for plaid and floral prints too, so you can get fancy with your choices.


  • Super soft and comfy. Plush and thick yet comfortable, a lot of customers enjoy how the robe feels overall.
  • Excellent material. Made from 100% high-quality polyester fabric.
  • Well-made. Stitching is well done made to hold the robe together strongly.
  • Affordability for great quality. With a price tag under $50, you get a luxurious looking and feeling bathrobe that is both comfortable and stylish.


  • Color accuracy. Some customers reported that the colors they received weren’t as represented.

Turquaz Linen Lightweight Waffle Spa Robe

Turquaz Linen

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Waffle cloth has its certain appeal. Especially reminiscent of bathrobes often found in hotels and spas. Some actually prefer it because it has the better absorbency over the looped weave and tends to be more lightweight. It’s one of the reasons we love this Lightweight Waffle bathrobe from by Turquaz Linen.

The robe features a waffle weaved a mixture of cotton and polyester that combines comfort with durability. Along with durable material, it is also double-stitched and well-made for durability. But apart from material, we love the cut and design of this waffle robe. It features a comfy wide arm look, a tailored collar and self-tie belt that fits him or her just fine.

One of the best parts is that it gives you that hotel luxury feels while being friendly on your wallet. The only drawback is limited color selections with neutral and some pastel color options.


  • Absorbent and lightweight. The waffle weaved cotton and polyester mixture is a great choice for someone who is keen on absorbency and weight.
  • Durable stitching and material. The robe is well-made with double stitching using durable materials.
  • Affordable price. Priced under $50 you get high-quality spa-level material made into a stylish robe.


  • Limited color options. Color options are pretty basic but would fit most preferences.

Victoria’s Secret High-Quality Monogrammed Robe

Victorias Secret

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Last but not the least, this lingerie brand knows a lot when it comes to luxury, style, and comfort. And when it came to bathrobes, they deliver too. This short hooded robe is made of plush extra soft fleece that makes you feel like a huggable stuffed toy.

More than comfort, feel pretty with the faux-fur-lined hood that gives that Russian princess vibe when you have it down. And wear it proud with the VS logo beautifully embroidered in front. It features warm material and long sleeves for warmth through your arms, coupled with a sexy mid-thigh cut.

Ladies (both fans and newcomers to the brand) love the cute design coupled with superior comfort. Sexy, stylish, super soft and durable, it makes a perfect bridal shower gift.


  • Durable and comfortable material. The robe feels super soft overall with its 100% Polyester material sewn well into a comfortable fit. It’s definitely one of the softest bathrobes from our picks.
  • Stylish and sexy. We love the faux-fur lined hood, the touch of embroidery and the sexy mid-thigh cut.


  • Limited color options. Just a few to choose from but a fair variety, from bright red to basic black and white.
  • Mid-thigh cut may not be optimal for colder weather. Since your legs won’t be as covered compared to full-length robes, this might not be your best bet in the cold.
  • Pricier. Well, t is Victoria’s secret, though it’s not too unreasonably priced for its quality.

Bathrobe Buying Guide

From cashmere, flannel, fleece, silk, and satin to the mixtures of different materials, the variety of bathrobes has expanded well. Options are always great, as long as they aren’t overwhelming. To help you choose the best robes for wife or other close people, here are a few things to consider:


If you or the intended recipient of the robe will be using more for cosmetic preparations or sleepwear, then maybe absorbency may not be as important. This paves the way to consider silk and satin robes over best plush robes made from cotton or polyester.

When it comes to absorbency, the best choices of material are Terry cloth, Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton. They’re perfect for after baths, a shower, or a dip in the Jacuzzi.

If you need something for cold weather, then you’ll want something with good length, coverage and absorbency along with warmth. Silk tends to be flexible when it comes to environment temperature.  However, fleece tends to be the favorite material for cold weather.

If you’re planning on getting a robe for a warmer environment, you’ll want to avoid the plush options. If silk and satin aren’t your preference for this, waffle woven cotton is an awesome choice. It’s made thinner than looped fleece material yet absorbent.

Washing capability and durability

Some robes require specific care to last. If you aren’t willing to spend on dry-cleaning you’re better off with machine washable options, else your robe might not last too long. Most high-end silk/satin robes require strictly dry-cleaning only, else the material could run or rip. There’s a certain sensitivity to elegant choices.

Durability wise, some customers complain of robes not lasting a few washes. Though what tends to happen is the failure to consistently follow washing instructions. There are materials that need warm temperatures for a wash, some that need cold.

As for stitching, double-stitched seams and edges are the best choices. This is especially for heavier material as their weight also adds to force during the wash. Combination of lightweight and good absorbency

It’s great to be able to rely on absorbent material, but you wouldn’t want to be carrying that weight all around when it gets all the water. There are materials that have a good combination of Polyester and Cotton that provide a good balance.

Spas and hotels also tend to prefer the waffle-woven bathrobes. This is because they are both absorbent, lightweight and are easy to make when it comes to mass production. Above we discovered best hotel bathrobes.


Cheap doesn’t have to mean cheap quality. You’ll find that some of our top picks come at price tags below $30 yet offer a luxurious feel.  On the other hand, an expensive robe also doesn’t always mean good quality.

Check for measurements and cuts

You’re free to ask the seller exact measurements. Not every brand carries a standard length and size. The best way to make sure you get a good fit is to know your own measurements against the product specifications.

We’ve carefully considered these factors in choosing best bath robes. This allows you a good variety to choose from enough information on how they may fit your need, style and preference.

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