Are you passionate about music? Well, strings may be your choice. Young people are opting for low-budget guitars these days. Guitar hardware and looks are decisive factors in determining the choice. For beginners, cheap models are ideal but you would not like to compromise with their beauty. Here are the ten best cheap electric guitars 2018 that comes under $200 and rated according to the customer reviews.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Cheap Electric Guitars Under $200

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package

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This set from Epiphone is a complete package, including all the required equipment. The vintage sunburst makes it look elegant and has a 10-watt model. There is a ten-foot long cable that enables you to plug it into a socket at a distance. Priced under $200, it is an affordable instrument and produces good quality sound. This is ideal for beginners, as one can get some downloadable tunes along with it. The bag is light and easy to be carried. The product also comes with a six-inch speaker.

Squier Beginner Guitar by Fender Affinity Stratocaster

Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Beginner Pack

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This is a good electric guitar, considering all the features and the price. The body shape of the guitar is like a Stratocaster. Rosewood is used to make the fingerboard, which delivers it a beautiful look. According to the customer reviews, it is a good product and the set consists of an instructional DVD, amp, gig bag, tuner, picks, cable and a strap. The bridge consists of six strings and it is one of the most popular products on the market. The body of the guitar looks splendid with a brown sunburst and it is a highly-recommended beginner option, available at a reasonable price.

Blue Electric Guitar with Amp

Full Size Blue Set with Amp-min

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Beginners who need a full-size electric guitar with all the accessories and bags can try out this one. This product comes from one of the best brands and has an overall positive review. The model has a cool blue color and is a right-handed instrument. The nylon case that is a part of the set is ideal for carrying it, especially for travelers. If you go by the looks, it is a top-rated product. The body consists of solid wood and has an attractive finish. The steel strings produce top-grade sound and it is a good decision to buy this low-budget option.

Davison Guitars

Full Size Electric Guita

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If you look out for a cheap electric guitar that comes with all the accessories, this one should be your choice. This option is of full size and is recommended for the beginners. The guitar amp of 10-watt enables the musicians to produce overdrive or distortion. The straps and other accessories are of good quality. With a vintage sunburst, the instrument offers a pleasant look and it can be used for outdoor concerts as well. If you have a budget even under $100, you can buy the product.

RockJam Full Size

RockJam Full Size SuperKit with 20 Watt Amp

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In case you need a complete guitar kit at an affordable price, you can go for this set. It has a sturdy body and the combination of black, gray and white colors produce a good match for the device. It comes with spare strings, strap and a guitar stand, portable in nature. There are five ways to operate the switch for selecting the pickup and three single coil pickups. Apart from these, it is readily customizable, with a volume control system and two-tone control systems. Altogether, it has a good rating on the market.

Squier by Fender “Mini”

Squier by Fender Mini Strat Beginner

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If you are fond of bright-colored guitars like red, you can buy this one. The fingerboard is made of rosewood and it is one of the best guitars on the market. The model has a shorter body size, which makes it compatible with the youth. It has a string scale width of 22.75 inches and the neck profile is comparatively small. The bridge is hard and the guitar entitles the player to optimize the sound by adjusting the strings. It is a high-quality guitar that comes at a reasonable cost.

Crescent GREEN/BLACK Pack

Crescent GREEN_BLACK Set

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This model has a good sound control system, with knobs to control the treble, volume and bass. The green-black color blend in the body of the guitar attracts the eyes. It has some sophisticated features like headphone as an output device, power control supported by LED and so on. Apart from this, it is sleek and easy to carry. The guitar is available at the best price, considering the features. The guitar amp is 15 watts and it comes with a bag and related accessories.

LyxPro with 20w Amp

LyxPro Electric Guitar with 20w Amp

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Although the price of this guitar is a bit higher in comparison to other products, it has a number of advanced features. All the accessories are included in the package, and it comes with a 20-watt amp. It is a full-size model, 39 inches in length and includes everything required to start playing the instrument. The neck of the model is made of Canadian maple, while the fingerboard is made of rosewood. You can yield the best audio effect when you use it.

C-1 SGR by Schecter

C-1 SGR by Schecter Beginner Electric Guitar

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This is a solid body electric guitar, blue in color. The instrument is ideal for the beginners and you can get it at a reasonable cost. The hardware is made of black chrome. The rosewood fingerboard and high-grade maple neck add to the beauty of its body. The consumer reports are quite impressive and it produces good quality sound. It also offers a warranty to the buyer, so beginners can enjoy a price-compatible instrument with rated sound quality.

Epiphone SG-Special

Epiphone SG-Special Electric Guitar

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The cherry-red color of the guitar makes it pleasing to look at. Well, it produces high-quality sound and comes from a top brand. The device has a spring pop posterior side and is ideal for the beginners. You can adjust the knobs and customize the tuning scale. This device is highly recommended for the beginners. If you need a good-looking guitar for outdoor performance, this is a good one to choose. The price if the guitar is fixed under $200, and it offers the ideal equilibrium between price and quality of sound.