Does your car’s interior look dated or worn?

We expect much from our rides, and a new fabric or leather seat cover will provide a fresh new look. Car seat covers also prevent damage from accidents and daily abuse. Drivers with kids and pets and those frequenting the gym or beach will find a removable waterproof car seat cover handy for protecting the car and truck seating from pesky sweat, grime, and furs. Many affordable designs from the best brands can fit your budget at the best price. Use our reviews to choose a good quality model with a high rating, adequate cost and favorable customer reviews. The best car seat covers of 2018 are here below in the list.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Car Seat Covers

Soothing Drive Universal Fit Breathable Car Seat Covers

Soothing Drive Cooling Series Universal Fit Breathable Car

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Made of sturdy and breathable bamboo and rattan, this ergonomically-designed cover looks nice on tanned leather. The one-piece construction fits securely without creases. For a better hold, two smaller straps work with two plastic parts that fasten to the seats. Dual small front pockets and a lower backside slot can hold magazines. A small comfort pillow attaches to the headrest, while a nicely-sized side and bottom cushions offer lumbar and lower-back support. Another review mentioned an out-of-box smell, but an afternoon’s airing should resolve the issue. Soothing Drive’s Car model comes highly recommended as our top pick among others.

Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

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This heavy duty seat protector is quite hefty and barely bends, with easy-to-clean fabric that repels grime and does not bleed color into the upholstery. Grips on either side reduce unsafe safety seat sliding. The mat’s bottom minimizes movement and neither sticks or else leaves marks on most surfaces. The one-piece construction is wide enough to fit most cars. A rear-facing mat protects seat backs against kicking and scuffing by seated kids facing rearward. Brica’s Seat Guardian is our choice for protecting your car’s seating with rear-mounted safety seats.

CleanRide™: Bacteria-Resistant, 100% Waterproof Cover

CleanRide™ Bacteria-Resistant, 100% Waterproof Car

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This compact covering is stylishly designed and fully waterproofed against sweat and spilled liquids. The bacteria- and odor-resistant material suits those with active lifestyles and the solid made in USA construction delivers great protection in a variety of harsh situations. Many reviews by customers attest to the design’s durability and comfort, as well as to its easy adjustability and quick installation using the system of smart hooks. CleanRide’s affordable Waterproof cover is a top-rated seat cover that performs well in wet and off-road settings that would sooner wear out less sturdy coverings.

Braxton Universal Bucket Cover

Braxton Universal Bucket

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This is no universal bench seat cover, it’s a streamlined cover for a bucket seat. Available in three colors, it features an innovative cloth that resists fading and protects against grime, spills and pet hairs. With its universal-fit design and construction, this cheap cover readily installs on the majority of standard bucket seats found on most car and SUV models. The fit can be adjusted with a special flap to better prevent creases and increase comfort, but be aware that this cover is not designed for seats with airbags. Braxton’s Bucket product is a stylish protector that will protect most front upholstery in everyday use.

FH Group FB070GRAY102 Gray Set

FH Group FB070GRAY102 Gray Front Airbag Ready Sport Bucket

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These two pairs of covers for front bucket seats and their headrests are made of sturdy yet comfortable and breathable material. The fabric resists dust and pet hairs and is readily cleaned and dried. Each covering fits most any vinyl seat and holds its place well in comparison to most custom designs, although the headrests must be detachable for proper installation. The specialized stitching accommodates side airbags and lets them to inflate and deploy on impact. FH Group’s FB070GRAY102 Gray Set is a high quality car seat cover replacement for worn front bucket seats.

FH Group Universal Fit Full Set Flat Cloth Fabric Cover

FH Group Universal Fit Full Set Flat Cloth Fabric Car

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FH’s universal-fit product is designed to protect seating from everyday wear and tear. Each covering is constructed of robust washable fabric that breathes and cools well in the heat. An adjustable strap system enables easier setup, removal, and reinstallation for more convenient cleaning. The design works well with either detachable or non-detachable headrests and is lined with pockets for storing magazines. A matching floor mat set for keeping the carpet tidy is also included. FH Group is an automobile accessory brand that can be relied on for customizable car products that work.

Seat Saver – Waterproof Removable Cover – Easy on and Off

Seat Saver - Waterproof Removable Universal Car Bucket

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This lightweight waterproof cover will help keep your seats clean and odor-free. The fabric is easily removed and cleaned, with a universal fit that installs and removes quickly. Of the dual-layer design, the PVC layer waterproofs things while its polyester shell provides seating comfort. It can be stowed in a pocket and quickly installed when needed. The covering basically clamps over the seat top, holding in place as you slide on and off its fabric. If you need a good car seat protector for uncertain times, Seat Saver’s Waterproof Bucket model is fine for occasional use.

Sojoy Microfiber Protector

Sojoy IsoTowel Car

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Sojoy’s highly-absorbent, machine-washable “seat towel” handles sweating and grime better than neoprene types. Bacterial- as well as odor-resistant, it is not prone to smells, peeling, cracks or residues. With its universal form-fitting construction, it readily installs and adjusts using lock-tight drawstrings. Grippers at the backside hold it in place. The towel-like microfiber absorbs sweat and stays cool. It cleans and dries quickly and folds readily into its accompanying pouch for stowing beneath seats. For untidy fitness and outdoor fanatics who want clean and comfortable seating, Sojoy’s Microfiber Seat Protector is worth buying.

Bell Automotive 22-1-56258-8 Baja Blanket

Bell Automotive 22-1-56258-8 Universal Baja Blanket Bucket

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Bell’s dedicated bucket seat “poncho’ covers are meant to slip onto front seats with either adjustable or integrated headrests. The fabric handles grime and most spills and works to safeguard your seats from daily abuse as well as cooling your body in summer. An inspiring southwest-themed weave is perfect for imparting that modern Baja look and feel. Heat-loving rovers don’t need many reasons to purchase a traditional auto seat cover like this, Bell Automotive’s Baja Blanket just makes it harder to refuse.

Leader Accessories 17 pcs Combo Pack Cloth Seat

Leader Accessories 17 pcs Combo Pack Cloth

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This universal kit supplies everything needed to update most vehicles. It’s a complete set of covers for both front and rear cushions and backrests, including coverings and pads for headrests, belts, and steering wheel, plus even some air fresheners. Durable and breathable polyester fabric resists dirt and odors. Everything installs easily enough. Straps tie down the major coverings, which are open at the top to let headrests mounts through. The rear backrest cover also has an opening for mid-seat armrests. Leader Accessories’ stylish seat covers for cars is inexpensive but nicely complete.