When you want to personalize your breakfast, you would definitely crave for flawless bread loaf slicers that help to dress up the bread to perfection. The ideal slicer makes slicing easy. There are a number of brands offering customized bread-slicers on the market today, and you need to get in touch with the one with a smooth cutting surface to enjoy a seamless slicing. Here, we present you with ten best bread loaf slicers 2018 from the top brands, based on consumer reports. You can choose any one from the following list when you want a good kitchen accessory to ease up the process of making breakfast.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Bread Loaf Cutters

BOGZON Bread Cutting Guide

BOGZON Bread Cutting Guide - Thickness Adjustable Bread_Roast_loaf Slicer, ABS Environmentally Friendly Plastic, White

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This is a good bread cutter having adjustable slicing abilities. You will be able to choose the thickness of the slices. There is the removable catcher and the slices drop into this container neatly. It is a good quality product and the cutting surface is sharp and smooth. You will be able to slice loaves of any thickness when you use this device. The slices will be uniform in thickness, and you will have no issues in cutting the loaves with accuracy. You will find the good slicer guide beneficial.

Bread Pal Slicer

Bread Pal Bread Slicer Made in America The Original Foldable Slicer Made With Maple and Birch Accepts Large or Small Loaves Cuts Thick or Thin Perfect Slicing

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This knife is the best brand made in America. This is one of the best bread loaf slicers, made from a high-quality material like maple or birch. Irrespective of the size of the loaves, you will be able to adjust the cutting surface. It has the self-locking feature that makes it safe and easy to handle. There is no complicated process required to assemble the bread cutter. It is foldable and you will have a good experience when you use this amazing product.

Bamboo Slicer

Bamboo Bread Slicer Perfect Homemade Bread Slices Using Wooden Cutting Guide Compact & Foldable FREE Storage Tote Bag!

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This bamboo slicer has tons of positive customer reviews and comes with a storage bag. It is a foldable device customized to cut homemade bread. You will get absolute satisfaction when you buy this product. You can use the bread loafs perfectly when you have this top-rated device. It has a good overall review and is made up of natural bamboo. It does not take much time to assemble it, and you can just get it ready for 10 seconds. It is a high quality product and comes to you with easy storage facilities.

Better Slicer

Better Slicer (Quebracho_Dark)

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This is a high-quality product that comes to you at a reasonable cost. You can adjust the height of the slices, as the device comes with side panels, inches in height. There are a number of options to adjust the thickness of the bread, ranging from 3.6 inches to 6.2 inches. Ponderosa pine is used to make the base of the device and it makes slicing easy. The best part is the stability of the device, and it weighs just five pounds. It makes it compatible to the user.

DB-Tech Bamboo Wood Compact Foldable Slicer

DB-Tech Bamboo Wood Compact Foldable Slicer

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This is one of the most popular bread machines that come from a reputed brand. You will find three different sizes of grooves in the device that will enable you to slice the bread in different thicknesses. Apart from home-made bread, this device is suitable for slicing cakes as well. So, you will have a complete bakery accessory for cutting various things. It is made from natural products and the bamboo wood is hundred percent pure. It comes to you at the best price and is easy to store.

Norpro 370

Norpro 370 Slicer and Guide with Crumb Catcher

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Bread cutters need to be adjustable so that you can alter the size and thickness of the slices. When you get in touch with this product, you will find perfect customization according to your needs. The loaf slicer has a steady base and does not move while you are using it. Apart from it, you will be satisfied with the crumb catcher, which is removable in nature. The acrylic slicing design ensures that the slices will be uniform in shape and size. The cheap bread slicer will provide you seamless services when you buy it.

Bread Slicer Elite

Slicer Elite, Brushed Stainless Steel Guide and Maple Wood Bread Board (5 Inch Loaf)

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This is one of the best products in the market and you will be able to cut loaves as thick as five inches flawlessly. It is made of stainless steel and ranks among the top when you compare the brushed best bread slicers. It comes to you with a rubber grip that makes it easy to use the knife. It has an elegant look and solid wood from maple trees are used to make the product. It is made in the USA and is quite popular among the people.

Presto – Slicing Guide

Presto - Bread Slicing Guide w Coded Guide Slots

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This is a good bread slicer guide that provides a lot of assistance to the users. The slicer comes with a natural tilt that makes it easy to adjust the position of the blade. Apart from this, you will find it easy to select the thickness of the bread, as the product comes coded for opting for the right thickness. You can use the device for holding normal as well as large loaves of bread. This is the right device for slicing homemade bread and you will find it easy to handle.

Maple Slicer Classic

Maple Slicer Classic - Solid Hard Maple, Heavy Duty Bread Slicer

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This is a high-grade device that can deliver heavy duty services. It is made of maple wood and has an elegant look. It has good slicing abilities and is sturdy in nature. You need not think whether the bread is handmade or baked, the product has amazing abilities to cut bread. There is a rubberized handle and you will find it easy to grip as you cut the bread. You can stack other items into the device and it can be easily stored in a compact space.

West Bend – Slicing Guides

West Bend - Bread Slicing Guides - 6600X - 1 to 2 Lb Loaves

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This product comes with flexible slicing abilities and you will be able to cut any bread ranging from 1 pound to 2 pounds with the device. The slides are collapsible and the slicer is easy to use. It can cut quickly, maintaining the even shapes of the slices. It has easy storage feature and you will get the right value for your money when you buy the cutter. You can clean it easily and it makes your breakfast making the process faster and easier.