5 Best Boxing Games for PS3, PS4, Xbox

EA Sports UFC 2 PlayStation-4We took a tour of the virtual boxing worlds we could find for PlayStation 3 and 4 as well as Xbox 360. After 4000 hours of nonstop jabbing, blocking, and uppercuts, we can say we thoroughly enjoyed EA Sports UFC 2 by Electronic Arts more than the others we played.

This game is the whole package as it completely immerses the player in the tactics and moves of our favorite sport and pushes them to improve their reaction times.

That is made possible by a painstakingly created physics engine that remarkably replicates real-life MMA offensive and defensive moves. With the most realistic graphics we could find for similar games, EA Sports UFC2 is one of the best boxing games for PS3, PS4, Xbox.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Boxing Games

#1 Fight Night Round 4

Fight Night Round 4 - Playstation 3

#2 EA Sports UFC 2

EA Sports UFC 2 - PlayStation 4

#3 UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 3

Fight Night Round 4 – PlayStation 3

Fight Night Round 4 - Playstation 3

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If you thought any good boxing game is only found in PS4 games you can find that that isn’t always true. This one may have been programmed for PS3 but it’s got all the features you need to enjoy a great game.

Any boxing video game without the greatest boxers of all time can’t be so good, which is why Fight Night includes the classic greats Frasier, Foreman, Ali, Tyson, and Pacman in its fighter roster.

You can enjoy role-playing as a boxer in career mode or get to challenge a player on a 2-player duel. If your standards are high for realism, this won’t disappoint as each punch, move, block and blow impact is calculated based on true physics.

The game is a hit with boxing fans. With its great features, physics-based gameplay, and HD graphics, plus being an editor’s choice game in many other review blogs, getting all that under $40 is an easy and great buying choice.

EA Sports UFC 2 – PlayStation 4

EA Sports UFC 2 - PlayStation 4

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UFC definitely takes any fan’s action cravings to the next level and completely satisfies. And this high-quality boxing game for PS4 gives UFC fans a true chance of getting into that action without the pain.

Physically, that is. Since moves and impact are based on scientific calculations based on true physics your character gets all the pain a real player would in real life.

Fighting moves cover the diversity in movements of MMA including Dynamic Grappling allowing a player to really work through grappling scenarios independently.

This is then coupled with its Ultimate Defense feature giving you control over dodging strikes as you can also control head movement. Together they make one great gaming experience.

It’s only fair to expect crisp graphics for PS4 games and this one does deliver. The Graphics are so realistic you can really imagine stepping into the Octagon.

For a cheap game, this level is definitely above expectations. It’s an affordable game that brings a more than good quality gameplay that a UFC fan will surely enjoy.

UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 3

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Following the popular UFC 2 for Xbox 360 which was one of the top-rated boxing games for Xbox, this was a much-awaited x box boxing game for UFC fans. Was it worth the wait?

Well according to customer reviews it’s definitely a big improvement in comparison to the former version. Many players enjoy the new Pride Mode and the many other modes they get to choose from. It leaves boredom far far away.

You get to use the big names in the industry from a roster of 150 fighters to fight or build and train your own fighter in career mode.

You also get to have different perspective views of the fight from the entrance to the various camera view options in the octagon to very specific facial expressions.

Crisp and realistic graphics, simplified controls in a challenging play, realistic outcomes based on scientific calculations, this product has it. If you’re looking to purchase only the best brands at the best price this should definitely be on your list.

UFC Undisputed 2010 – Xbox 360

UFC Undisputed 2010 - Xbox 360

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If you have to choose between this version and UFC Undisputed 3 for Xbox360 you may have a tough decision to make. Gamer reviews are still mixed between the two.

Despite being the earlier version, some still prefer it based on reviews by customers. The difference in opinion seems to be rooted in the amount of complexity in controls and gameplay one prefers.

This version turns the classic fight mode into now Ultimate Fight Mode with more fighting categories to choose from as well as more challenges in-fight.

Want to re-write UFC history? This version gives you that power (virtually at least), buy playing a spoiler or posing specific challenges and fighter unlocks to the supposedly losing fighter.

Like the latter version, graphics are clearly defined and crisp, the commentaries are great instead of annoying and a lot of players like its submission system. For a product under $40, it’s an enjoyable game on a budget.

Don King Boxing – Nintendo Wii

Don King Boxing - Nintendo Wii

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These ones for the Nintendo brand aren’t going down without a good fight. Nintendo Wii takes that boxing game experience to a new level outside of just pressing buttons. Move, feel and score like a boxer without the pain.

Now, how much more close to real can you get with that right? It’s no wonder this product gets 5-star rating reviews from many customers.

By the same name behind the popular NBA games, 2K sports in partnership with the renowned promoter Don King, they bring you a game that takes you inside the ring virtually; including the best locations to fight like Board Walk Hall, Trump Taj Mahal and of course Madison Square Garden.

You can literally break a sweat and tell your friends “yeah, I’ve just been boxing in the ring for a bit”. And you can actually train with this game for pro-Boxing through the many included exercises and techniques within the game.

You even get to have an actual spar/match with a friend without the pain as it features a split-screen view in 2-player mode. For a product under $15, you’ve got a good buy here.

The Boxing Games of Today and How the Better Ones Stand Out

Whether console gaming, like that of the Xbox One, is better than PC gaming is still an ongoing debate. It may all be just a matter of preference. But one thing’s for sure boxing games and its fans have definitely evolved over the last decade.

The games of today now cover a wider spectrum of experience outside of just the player profile. Apart from improving graphics, game developers and programmers consider how to really bring each player into the arena or the octagon.

The boxing games of today give you an experience of how a player builds his career and physical strength, the different aspects of the experience inside the ring, and the fight play itself. We now see descriptions like “physics-based gameplay” and have the ability to even customize our own player for a truly personalized gaming experience.

In this world of new game tech and higher player expectations, what makes a really good boxing game?

  • Definitely crisp and realistic graphics are the basic expectations and first ones rated.
  • The closer it takes your boxing play to reality the better it is.
  • The closer it brings you to the real-life experience the better it is.
  • More in-game gaming options mean more ways to enjoy the full game.
  • Controls that are not over-complicated. (For how can you enjoy a game you can’t even play?)
  • A great roster of players. It should have both the best and in-betweens. Plus the opportunity to play them against each other.
  • More player modes the more fun.

If you haven’t decided on your game yet, think about the list above and see how well they fare in these qualities. You’ll find that they top each in comparison to other games. Take your pick and enjoy the action. Happy gaming!