You must have seen people yelling around the streets alone, don’t worry they are not mad, they are talking to someone on the phone using the wireless headset. Today most of the people who have smartphones are using headsets. This device free up the hand and thus one can easily drive, or can carry many things in hands while speaking to someone on the phone. These are not only used for telephonic conversation but you can even listen to music. Since the appliances using Bluetooth in order to communicate with the phone, they have certain limitation to the range. Here are the reviews on top 10 best Bluetooth receivers 2018 you can choose from. These devices are chosen as per consumer reports shared as reviews.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Bluetooth Receivers

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver Streambot Hands-free & Wireless Car Kits for Home

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These are the best Bluetooth receivers that you can buy. This portable receiver has been improved a lot in order to improve the voice quality service. The best feature of this appliance is that it can be connected to two Bluetooth at a time. The range of this device is around 10M in open space. This appliance can be connected to the phone automatically. You just have turn on this function on the phone and then turn on the receiver and it will get connected automatically. The battery of this device last long for 8hrs and it takes only 1.5 hrs in order to charge fully. This is one of the cheap receivers in the list. You can get this at the best price of only $12.

Etekcity Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver

Etekcity Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver Audio Adapter (NFC-Enabled)

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This is the receiver that supports traditional speakers as well it has got Bluetooth 4.0 version and has a good range of 33 feets. You can use to adapt A/V RCA with the 3.5 mm jack. This wireless receiver can also be used with home theaters and car stereo receiver systems. This device also understands the gestures and thus it can control the audio of NFC capable appliance with hand gestures. After a full charge, this appliance gives you a battery backup of 10 hours.

BrightPlay Home HD

Brightech - BrightPlay Home HD Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver

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If you are looking for the high quality music then you can prefer BrightPlay. This appliance will provide you the crystal clear sound with CD quality. You can even connect it with your laptop and enjoy the music wirelessly. It provides a range of 30 feets and since it has got the apt-X technology you can roam around and enjoy the music or calls without any interruptions. This made with the lightest material and so it comes under 4 ounces. You get huge 3 years of warranty with this product.

Bose Audio Adapter

Bose Bluetooth Audio Adapter

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If you have got a wide range of Bose products then you can buy this as it supports almost all the Bose products. This audio adapter is plug n play and so you don’t have to do any kind of configuration while setting it up. You get a good amount of range with 30 feets. You can connect this Bluetooth audio receiver with up to 8 devices and there won’t be any fuzz while switching among the three appliances. You get a 3.5mm jack so that it can be connected to any device.

Mpow Bluetooth 2-in-1 receiver/Transmitter

Mpow Bluetooth 2-in-1 Receiver-Transmitter, Streambot Wireless Bluetooth Adapter with Stereo Music Transmission for Home Audio System

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Mpow is a good receiver that you can use as it works as a bridge from your speaker to the phone. This Bluetooth audio transmitter and receiver provided with a simple one button switch that you can use in order to switch over receiver and transmitter. With Bluetooth, you can enable all 3.5mm media devices. You can easily use MP3, e-readers, CD/DVD players. The appliance has got an inbuilt battery which last for a longer period of time and the device won’t take much time in recharging as it has got quick recharge feature available.

Yamaha YBA-11

Yamaha YBA-11 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver for Yamaha AV Products

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As you know the devices belongs from the Yamaha brand has the good reputation on the market. This new appliance of Yamaha can be used for music streaming from your phones, laptops, and computers. The sound quality of the appliance is really awesome and thus you can go for it without any issue. This device uses the digital audio connection in order to send and receive signals and these signals don’t have any interference and thus you get clear sound. You get apt-X algorithm that provides a better quality of sound. You can even pair the device with other Bluetooth ones very easily. Yamaha YBA-11 is one of the top-rated devices with good battery receiver.

Bluetooth Receiver and Car Kit

Eveco EVCBR001 Bluetooth Receiver and Car Kit, Mini Wireless Audio Adapter Bluetooth 4.1

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This is one of the most advanced versions as it has got Bluetooth version 4.1 along with EDR. The feature allows you to convert home or car stereo to a Bluetooth stereo receiver in order to stream music. The device is completely compatible with the electronic appliances like MP3 players, iPods, Phones, tablets etc. the device is highly durable as it is made up of good quality plastic. You can easily connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously which will allow you to pair up two different phones and Bluetooth devices.

GE 11081

GE 11081 Home Audio Bluetooth Receiver

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It’s a plug and play device and has got a really simple design. The device is built for normal users who just have to connect the device with the phone and starts using it. You can easily connect the device with the sound systems and stand alone speakers. The range of the appliance is quite good as it can cover 30 feets of connectivity easily. This device has got a timeout feature of 1 hour, means the device will be automatically disconnected if it is not used for 1 hours. You can even check emails, and send texts simultaneously at the time of listening music.

Bluetooth audio receiver/amplifier

Bluetooth Audio Receiver-Amplifier - Model 300 Black

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This is a really awesome device that will stream the music with any of your Bluetooth enabled device. This device also incorporates the Bluetooth audio receiver and also works as an amplifier. It provides a good amount of power of 2 x 40 watts. The device is super small in size like playing cards and it has a wide range of 100’ wireless.

Home Audio Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver

Home Audio Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver, Jelly Comb Hands-Free Car Kit

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Home audio Bluetooth is a two link device that means you can connect two Bluetooth enabled devices at a time within the range of 30 feets. The battery is huge and thus it can be used continuously for 12 hrs and the best thing is it can be used even while charging (no other appliance provides this feature). The operation is very simple. It has got 3.5mm aux which can be used for both calling and listening to music. The appliance also has a mic which you can use for chatting. The sound quality of the device is really awesome. You can pick and end calls, play/pause music from the device itself. Home audio Bluetooth also supports iOS and Android functions.