One of the best places to have a family gathering is near the barbecue where some can cook the food and the others can lounge around and talk. Having a barbecue at home means a lot of work. Cleaning the barbecue and protecting the grill is very important as our grill is out in the open and is susceptible to nature and even bugs. We are going to review some barbecue grill covers to get a better idea about the type of grill cover that is suitable for the barbecue at home. There are a variety of outdoor grill covers available on the market. We need to make a knowledgeable decision based on various factors for getting the top-rated cover for the best possible price. Given below is the list of the best barbecue grill covers in 2017.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Barbecue Grill Covers

Barbeque Grill Covers Weber (Genesis) BY LiBA

Medium 58

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This cover is 58X24x48 inches and is made of 600 denier thick fabric. This bbq grill cover will protect your grill from heat, hail, snow, rain and even from insects. There are handles and straps that will keep the grill cover secured to the bbg. This comes with a 36-month warranty against tear or rip.  Cleaning the Weber Genesis is really easy. All one has to do is just wash it with just water and let it dry naturally.

Weber 7107 Grill Cover with Storage Bag

Weber 7107

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The Weber 7107 is made of Polyester fabric and is very light in weight. The gas grill cover is form fitted has a storage pouch which cannot be seen when using the cover. This storage pouch helps us to just wrap and put the cover in the bag when not in use. It is tough and the cover can brave all kinds of environments. Velcro straps are provided t help the cover settle on the grill properly. According to many customer reviews and rating this is one of the best grill covers available.

Char-Broil 3-4 Burner Rip-Stop Cover


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The Char – broil cover is for 3-4 burners. This is a heavy duty cover that is recommended to be the toughest of the lot when it comes to braving the elements. The outdoor grill cover is designed to fit burners between 53 inches and 62-inch burners. The cover fits well and there is an added feature of the straps at the bottom which will keep the cover in its place. This is made of Rip-stop material. There is a closure at the side that keeps the cover fastened.

Scala Home MD582448 Barbeque Grill Cover

Scala Home

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This outdoor grill cover is made of thickest fabric and measures 58x24x48 inches. This is the best quality grill cover that can be got at a very cheap price. The consumers gave rave reviews for the product as it is suitable for all seasons. It also comes with large storage pockets with zips which are extremely useful to keep other grill accessories. The cover has padded handles and strong seams. The cover can be cleaned using water and can be hung out to dry. There is a 3-year warranty on the product.

Char-Broil 2 Burner Performance Grill Cover

Char-Broil 2

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The Char-broil two burner over is similar to the other outdoor grill covers. The brand is a very good one indeed. The polyester is made of 300 D with PVC outer coating. There are side closure straps that make it easy to open and close the other cover. The material is thick and made of high quality which is waterproof and can resist the elements. The cleaning is relatively easy.

Classic Accessories 73912-WB Veranda Grill Cover

Classic Accessories

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This cover fits the Weber Genesis models and its dimensions are 59x24x46 inches in size. It is waterproof and will not crack in cold conditions. This is a large cover with a big front pocket and interlocking seams. There are air vents which make the cover breathable. The feature of click and close of the wheel strap will make sure that the cover will be in its place during windy days. The cover can be cleaned by just pouring water on it and can be dried just easily. This comes with a 36-month warranty.

Waterproof Heavy Duty Gas Barbecue Cover By Stronghold Accessories

Grill Cover

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This cover for grills is suitable for all type of grills, let it be gas or propane ones. This cover comes with buckle straps which enable us to attach the cover to the grill at the base so that the cover doesn’t fly away in strong winds. It is made of Marine grade material which can see all kinds of weathers. This comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for two years with no questions asked. Cleaning the cover will not pose any problems.

Char-Broil 65″ Artisan Grill Cover – Mountain Green

Char-Broil 65

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This Char- Broil cover comes in mountain green and white color combination which will match perfectly with the setting outdoor. It is a full-length one which can accommodate grills up to 65 inches wide. The Artisan grill comes with vinyl piping which provides extra protection to the barbecue grill. This product comes at a very competitive price to buy and is in high demand due to the high quality.

NFL Deluxe Grill Cover

NFL Deluxe

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This NFL cover is made of Vinyl and it measures 68x21x35 inches. The vinyl is lined with white felt and is very durable. The stitching strength is rated number one as it survived testing at 30lb. The cover is bound by the hook and loop mechanism.  The company logo is on one side of the cover. Soap water is needed to clean the NFL grill cover. Just wiping with soap water is sufficient.

Prextex Vinyl Barbeque Cover

Prextex Patio Gas Grill Cover

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The Prextex Patio cover is a gas grill cover that is used mostly on outdoor grills. This protective cover helps in keeping the gas grills clean and dry. This comes in attractive brown color and has dimensions of 59x19x42 inches. The cover is made of vinyl material and has a Velcro closure that keeps the cover in place. Also, this is cleaned easily as it needs just water to clean the dirt and can be left to dry in the sun.