There are times when you make up your mind to get a good physique free from excess fat. A good roller wheel is what you need. There are various ab rollers in the market and their features are customized for men, women, younger people and even older ones. Apart from helping you to get rid of the excess flab, a good ab roller has other benefits as well. They provide a good exercise to the upper arms and shoulders. When you plan to buy an ab wheel for seamless exercise, the number of brands and products may put you in a state of dilemma. Here are the top ten reviews of the best ab wheel rollers 2018 on the market based on consumer reports.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Ab Wheel Rollers

Ab Wheel Roller by Fitness Master

Ab Wheel Roller - 100% Lifetime Guarantee - Premium Quality

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If you are looking for the best quality abdominal roller, this is the right product for you. It comes with a user guide that will help you to know the best way to exercise. Apart from helping to stretch the stomach muscles, it also provides a boost to the arms and shoulder muscles. You will get the right muscle density when you use this product. It is a perfect dual ab device that never wobbles on the wheels. It has good construction duration and lasts long.

Perfect Fitness Ab Craver Pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

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It is a dynamic product that enhances your daily workouts. There is a kinetic engine and the steel springs provide you with a lot of traction. This model is wide and you can stabilize the movement as per your needs. This particular ab roller provides you with a great comfort as it comes with highly dense foam. The grip of the device is rubberized and this enables you to enjoy non-slip training. This exercise wheel is ideal for digital workouts.

The Ab Wheel Roller Pro

The Ab Wheel Roller Pro - #1Rated Ab Roller on Amazon Because it Works - Smooth Workout - Comes Fully Assembled.

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This is a top-rated product for abdominal exercises. It develops the core strength of your stomach and also enhances the muscles of your arms, shoulder and back. The core wheels come along with user manuals and videos that demonstrate how to use the product for maximum benefits. So, it will provide you with a full body workout. The high quality machine comes at a reasonable cost and you will get the best value for your money when you get in touch with the product.

Lifeline Power

Lifeline Power Wheel

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This ab wheel provides effectiveness in exercise for moderate users to very advanced users. If you look out for the best tool to enhance your body strength and balance, it is this device. There is a foot pedal that further streamlines the exercise. Along with these, it has good grips and is an effective core trainer. The wheel rolls smoothly, and the soft rubber grip adds to your comfort. You can get the ab wheel for your gym at the best price.

Ultimate Body Press Ab Wheels

Ultimate Body Press Ab Wheels (Black)

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These are some of the best ab wheels that you can avail from the market. There is a wide space to grip, and it is coated with soft rubber to increase the comfort level. The wheels are wobble-free and amazing. You can strengthen your belly muscles, shoulders, arms and back simultaneously. The lower abdominal muscles are difficult to be toned in ordinary conditions, but this particular machine is potential enough to train the lower muscles as well. It is smooth rolling and portable.



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This product comes to you from one of the best brands. There are two wheels for added stability. There are non-slip grips for enhanced comfort. You can strengthen your shoulders, back and arms, besides the abdominal muscles. It has a number of positive customer reviews and caters the needs of the average user. It is a cheap product and you will get the true value for your money when you get in touch with this product. The manual will help you out for better exercise.


SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic Strength & Ab Trainer

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This is a quality abdominal roller that will provide you with ease to exercise from a variety of angles and enhance the core strength. It is a popular brand and the product comes with two wheels and a manual guide. When you buy this device, you will find a number of push-up options for the upper part of your body. The product is portable and light in weight. You will be able to train up your stomach muscles with dexterity and also develop pillar strength. It provides good exercise for your arms, shoulders and chest as well.

BIO Core Ab Roller

BIO Core Ab Roller - Fitness Wheel & Abdominal Carver To Workout, Exercise & Strengthen Your Abs & Core

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This is a Lifeline Power Wheel that comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. It has a good overall review and you can benefit from it across all fitness levels. The base is wide enough to tackle weights as much as 450 pounds. The product is sturdy and free from wobble. The grip is made of rubber and adds to the comfort level. The best part of the product is that it comes with a supplementary mat that you can use during the workouts. The form handles are ergonomically designed and it enhances your performance.

Readaeer Abdominal Exercise Roller

Readaeer® Abdominal Exercise Roller with Extra Thick Knee Pad Mat

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This is a perfect dual ab wheel that has become quite popular in the market. You will find it easy to carry, and the portable device has a great durability. You will get knee pads made of foam when you get in touch with this particular product. The wheels have dual glide feature that prevents them from wobbling while you exercise. There are no complex means of leaning needed when you need this device. The simple to-and-fro motion makes it compatible for all user groups.

Wacces AB Power

Wacces AB Power Wheel

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If you are a beginner, this is the perfect dual ab wheel for you. You can incorporate this device into your daily workout routine and enhance the abdominal muscles. You will need the least training to use this product. It comes from a good brand and has comfortable grips. The product is black in colour and you will be able to get flawless exercise from this product. Apart from enhancing the stomach muscles, you will also be able to improve the muscular strength of your shoulders, arms and chest. After all, you will get utmost satisfaction from the product.