As the famous saying goes ‘The Pen is mightier than the sword’, a pen has been a great tool for writers and artists. With improving technology and trendsetting art, 3D has taken center stage these days with a lot of improvement in the way it is used: 3D movie, 3D drawing, 3D pencil art and lot more. But the technology – 3 Dimensional itself takes a lot of time to do manually as the dimensions play an important role. So here come the 3D printing pens which make work faster. Below you can find 10 reviews of the best 3D printing pens to buy in 2018, which we have picked after the deep market research.

Comparison of the Top-Rated 3D Printing Pens

MYNT3D Professional

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display

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This 3D ink pen is an ergonomic touch pen and useful for older kids and adults in comparison to other models for 3D printer drawing. You can sketch amazing masterpieces in this precision crafted stylus which has a temperature adjustment of 1-degree increments, a unique feature amongst all other products with a good rating. A wide display helps you monitor temperature for various effects. Double tap for extruding continuously is nice. It has a door that opens and a replaceable tip. All for the cost paid in a good budget.

SASRL 3D Professional Printing Pen with LED Display

SASRL 3D Professional

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With 3D handle for the first time, this model is designed for creative people with a good review. This option works really fast and is good fun. The width of the pen is sufficient enough for manipulation and the screen displays the temperature selected. Feeding filaments is easy. If you are still confused to choose, go for this easy to use a 3D pen which will surely help in enhancing an artist’s creativity and imagination to the core. All your art will be trendsetting with this professional printing pen with good quality and high standard.

7TECH 3D Printing Pen with LCD Screen

7TECH® 3D Printing

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This stylish top-rated product will keep you satisfied and happy even after working for hours at a stretch. The customer reviews show that it is highly recommended for art classes. It has an awesome option to adjust the temperature and an LCD screen for display which makes this model in blue look cool. It can choose filaments, control speed, dries in a second or two and comes with all accessories needed for a high quality project. Available at the best price it comes with a free spatula in the package.

3Doodler Create 3D Pen with 50 Plastic Strands

3Doodler Create 3D

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One of the best 3D printing pens for you even if you are not an artist or if you are a budding artist. This model does all your art in one go. The package comes nicely packed with all the accessories required to start working on some neat things or just doodle with kids. A cheap 3D printing pen uses 1.75 mm filament while this 3D doodle pen needs a 3mm filament. That’s professional, isn’t it? A designer or illustrator would love using this most popular product on the market.

Filament Refills

3D Pen Filament Refills

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After deciding on which 3D pencil to buy, it’s the turn to buy the perfect filament refills. This is a great set of filaments in eleven beautiful colors for the smallest 3D pens – LIX! It enhances your child’s talent if you are buying it for your child. One of the best artist supplies, you will be making colorful art and projects from these filaments in your new LIX or 3D pen. The package includes 1.5 ABS fun sampler pack and 50 stencil e-book. What more can stop you from 3D art at all?

IDO3D Vertical Five Art Set with 3D Vertical Light

IDO3D Vertical Art Set with 3D Vertical Light

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This kit has a similar idea as in the expensive 3D doodle pen but it comes with multiple preloaded pens with an included sheet of clear plastic paper on which the melted material is dispensed, all of which is affordable. The UV light in it dries the melted plastic quickly as you draw so that you can start assembling your model with a lot of patience. With a guide book inside the package you will find it easy to use, also it can be a great idea and worth the money.

IDO3D Vertical Three Art Set

IDO3D Vertical Three Art Set with 3D Vertical Light

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If you want to hold your drawing vertically in air, then you should buy this vertical 3D pen set which comes with three pens and a light attachment with which you can draw straight, right, left, upward and in the air! This product which is fun and cool can make the future of drawing a reality. One of the best brands of 3D printing pens, it comes at the best price and can be cleaned easily with baby wipes, hand sanitizers and everyday soaps and cleaners. You should use this to know the difference.

Scribbler 3D Pen for Printing in the Air 3D Drawing Pen Art Tool

IDO3D Vertical Three Pen Zoo Art Set with 3D Vertical Light

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This is a very affordable, extremely durable, lightweight, neat, slim, easy to handle, suitable for all 3D drawing pen. You can draw in the air, horizontally and vertically. Overall with this nice 3D pen which comes in a gift box, you can draw to comfort. Loading is easy and the plastic cools pretty quickly too. As the name says, it is a scribbler and a nice pass time when you are having a lot of time to relax and drawing is truly a mood lifter. This product can be a nice art tool.

SNLU SL-300 Professional 3D Printing Pen

SUNLU SL-300 Professional 3D Printing

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This is a high quality, perfect 3D drawing pen for all your 3D printing needs. The package comes with all the required accessories ready to use. The unit has quality construction, heats up fast, flows perfect and is not heavy. Definitely buy this good 3D pen if you are searching one on the market. There is a release button which makes it easier to access and also loading filaments is not messy. A top brand, SNLU will provide timely customer service and consumer reports are good too in this regard.

Myriwell 3D

Myriwell 3d Drawing with LCD Screen

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Everyone whom you will show off this new product will surely enjoy using this Myriwell pen. The pen has a display for temperature and filament type. It can use both ABS and PLA as well which is indicated on the LCD display. There is step-less speed control which makes it easier for usage if you are new to 3D technology. The grab part is slim to hold, the whole pen is lightweight to use and maintenance is easy. It comes with a plug design for heater and nozzle.