The Best Battery-Powered Jeeps for Kids & Toddlers

The modern market for kid’s toys can be distinguished by extreme diversity. Among different play options, battery-powered jeeps for toddlers occupy a special place. Kids cars contribute to the general development of a child overall and facilitate their learning to drive from the early age.

Electric cars for children boast many features that real full-size vehicles have. Powerful engines, brake and gas pedals, rubber wheels and flashing lights, horn signals – all these are present in modern jeep cars for kids. Battery-powered vehicles are an excellent solution for outdoor games and long walks.

Power Wheels Battery Operated Jeep Wrangler, Blue

01. Power Wheels Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler

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Power Wheels Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler is an electric vehicle with the possibility of remote control through an individually configured parent control panel. The model looks very realistic. It is a small copy of the real car. The salon is equipped with high-quality plastic details and passenger seats. The distance of the seat to the steering wheel can be adjusted taking into account the age, or body size, of the young driver.

The presence of shock absorbers on the front and rear wheels of the motorized jeep provides soft flawless movement and overcoming bumps along the road without any discomfort for those in the car. The driving will be exciting due to a variety of light and sound effects.


  • Design of the electric jeep for kids. The battery-powered car is a small copy of a real vehicle. The car is made of the damage-resistant plastic covered with special protecting paint.
  • Sound effects. Revving tunes, musical accompaniment, the sound of the engine – all these intensify the driving excitement.
  • Flashy chromized wheels & accents. The motorized jeep for toddlers is equipped with diode lights, front and rear lights, and glowing wheels.


  • No safety seat belt. This car jeep for kids is not equipped with safety belt, which poses restrictions on driving speed and safety.
  • No user manual. Since there is no manual in the kit, one will need to search the online user manual to assemble the vehicle.

Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Jeep

02. Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck w Remote Control

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This battery operated jeep is suitable for children 3-8 years of age. Beginners will be able to drive the car under parent’s control owing to an individually customizable remote control. Besides, there is also an option of independent driving.

The control over the vehicle is carried out by means of a pedal. It is necessary to press it for the movement of the vehicle and release it if you need to brake. This jeep for young kids has 3 different speed modes and is equipped with dual option for music. What is more important, the toy is compliant with ASTM F963-16 standards and is safe to use.


  • Car appearance. It is a stylish and functional toy, which is realistic, qualitative, and damage resistant.
  • Fun exterior features. The car is equipped with a spring suspension system, adjustable seatbelt, magnetic doors, and LED lights.
  • Three speed modes. The toy electric jeep can develop speed from 1,8 to 4,3 mph.
  • Qualitative material. The car has a high-quality coating that is resistant to scratches and protects the electric vehicle from discoloration.
  • Rubber wheels. Due to the rubber wheels and cushioning, the driving will be as comfortable as possible.


  • Designed for one person. Only one kid can enjoy driving since there is only one seat in this car model.

Land Rover Defender Kids Electric Motorized Jeep

03. Land Rover Defender 12V Kids Electric Battery Powered Ride On Car with MP3 and Remote Control

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Land Rover Defender is a stylish electric jeep for children aged at 3-8 years (weight capacity of 65 lbs). The car is equipped with power steering, wide wheels, opening doors, and functional headlights. It is characterized by the simplicity of management and the availability of useful additions.

The model boasts sound effects and bright illumination. An additional advantage of Land Rover Defender is the presence of a remote control. Due to this feature, you will be able to operate an electric vehicle at a distance, which is extremely convenient in case the child is not able to drive the car on his own.


  • Well-thought-out construction. Land Rover Defender is a well-constructed model. There is a panel with different instruments, windshield, steering wheel, chrome wheels, gearshift lever, radiator grille, lights, side mirrors, etc.
  • Easy car management. To start the jeeps, you need to press the button on the dashboard. The foot pedal will activate the movement.
  • Realistic car sounds. The car imitates all the sounds of a real vehicle. Having turned it on, you will hear the sound of the working engine.
  • Built-in MP3 player. It is possible to connect a smartphone or MP3 player and listen to music when driving the car.


  • High price. The price for the model is quite high. Not everyone will be ready to buy a kid’s toy for such a price.