Beasting it up for your fitness goals, but you are downshifted by calluses or blisters, sweaty hands, poor grip and pressure on your hands? You are not struggling alone! Gym-goers are in constant search for gears like training gloves that bring better grip, wrist support, comfort, increased lift and hand protection. We know the struggles, and so we looked for the best weight lifting gloves for gym workout 2018 that can help you not settle for cheap reps. So, let see the list of some best models that are available for you on the market.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Weight Lifting Gloves

Harbingers Men’s Power Weightlifting Gloves

Harbinger Mens Power Weightlifting Gloves

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Do you prefer half-finger model for weightlifting that hold up well? These gym gloves for men might be your perfect match. They boast of flexibility, comfort, fit and breathability due to the fully adjustable wrist closure and StretchBack Lycra that extends along the back of the hand and in between fingers. The leather palm, with open cell foam cushions, protects the hands from abrasions while the short finger length brings a natural feel and contact with the lifting surface. These are indeed good quality men’s gloves for bodybuilding for your consideration.

Contraband Pink Label Women’s Weightlifting Gloves

Contraband Pink Label 5137 Womens Weight Lifting Gloves

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Style and comfort matter for women when it comes to their gym apparel. Good move for the manufacturer of these women’s fitness gloves that incorporated functionalities with style. They are designed with great color variations, quick removal finger tabs, vented mesh for breathability, grip-lock padding due to the silicone rubber beading, and comfort soft interior that absorbs sweat, thus avoiding slippage. Ladies can enjoy full purchase price refund within 30 days if they are not happy with the product and a one-year full replacement warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Trideer Padded Anti-Slip

Padded Anti - Slip Weight Lifting

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If you are looking for high quality weight lifting gloves other than those which can cost you more, then you must give this particular brand a try. It is made of premium microfiber material with reinforced stitching and silica gel for comfort, support, wear resistance and anti-skid function. It is regarded as an all-purpose model powered by adjustable dual velcro straps for wrist support. This carefully crafted unisex glove that is ideal for use of every gym enthusiast, whether a newbie or a freak, is covered by a 12 month warranty period.

Workout Gloves for Powerlifting, Weight Training, Biking, Cycling

Gym For Powerlifting

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Produced by RIMSports, these must be among the best workout gloves for cardio bunnies that brag of durability, versatility, comfort and support. Based on consumer reports, women prefer to use these lightweight gloves because of the superior cushioning which aims to prevent calluses and blisters while doing activities such as training, biking and cycling. They are manufactured with breathable and durable materials and a diagonal Velcro strap that keep the gloves in place. Should you decide buying these model, you can expect a range of colors and sizes to choose from.

Nike Men’s Core Lock Training

Nike Mens Core Lock

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This is definitely one of the best brands, and popular too when we speak of training apparel. It is Nike’s model for training available on the market today, which has a high rating online. A review by a customer dubbed it as the most comfortable workout gloves ever. The Nike weigh lifting gloves feature dry-fit mesh for sweat-wicking, strategically placed perforations for breathability, adjustable wrist strap with embroidered swoosh, lightweight padding, sublimated print for easy removal and extended middle finger. It perfectly fits your hands, allowing comfort, protection and maximum grip.

Bionic Full Finger Workout

Bionic Mens PerformanceGrip

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These full finger gloves are among the recommended items based on customer reviews of weightlifting model. They prevent fatigue and increase strength as your hands hold for a better grip because of the patented pad technology. With the pre-rotated finger design that adapts to the hand’s natural curving motion, there is an effortless grip while working out. Other functionalities are perspiration management by the terrycloth pads, breathability by the cool-on material, and wrist support by the form-fitting Lite-Prene wrist closure. Be sure to catch the best price for this item.

New Ventilated with Wrist Wraps by Fit Active Sports

New Ventilated Weight Lifting

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They worth every penny so allocate a budget for the Fit Active Sports’ new ventilated models. These are affordable and good weightlifting gloves that guarantee full palm protection, tight grip, comfort, wrist support and replacement & refund policy. They are made with durable Silicon Printed Neoprene that covers the entire palm and the thumb for protection and extra grip, with the wrist wrap can be easily adjusted using the sturdy Velcro. You are assured of ventilation given the open hand design, thus less sweating, and say goodbye to stinky gloves.

iiSPORT Men’s Fitness

iiSPORT Mens Weight Lifting Leather Grip

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Never underestimate the reliability of this product despite being among the cheap workout gloves. In fact, it is one of the top-rated weightlifting gloves by online purchasers. Constructed with two layers genuine leather palm position, these are snug-fitting, sturdy, ware-resistant and have an anti-skid function. They promise to protect your hands from abrasions during strenuous activities like crossfit. The back of the thumb is finished with a terry cloth to wipe your eyes or sweats without taking off them. Each glove is equipped with a Velcro to adjust tightness.

Meister with Gel Padding

Meister Wrist Wrap Weight Lifting

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When subjected to a comparison, these model for lifting are sure to be frontrunners. Described like adaptive armor for your hands and wrist, these washable and dryable gloves will not disappoint you in terms of protection and comfort. They are made with high-quality Amara leather and built to last with the double stitching. The product is equipped with straps (primary and secondary) for adjustments, wrist support and stabilize movements. You are provided with excellent cushioning while using kettle bells or doing cross-training with the gel and full foam padding.

Extra Padded Gloves-Soft Leather With Easy pull-Off Finger

Extra Padded Weightlifting

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Completing our list of weightlifting gloves for the gym are these extra padded ones by MY Fitness. They are produced with premium leather and extra padding to eliminate blisters and avoid injuries. What the manufacturer highlights about these models are the extra strength and good performance brought by the double stitched soft leather material, easy pull off loop, stretchable mesh to wipe sweat, wrist support straps and designed for all types of users. If you are planning to buy workout gloves for your health and wellness, consider to purchase this one.