A leather jacket looks even better when it has a stylish stitch and an attractive motif. It is the perfection of the stitches and the impeccable design which makes your attire unique. However, why invest in expensive retail leather clothing, when you can make it yourself, with your own sewing machine? It can become difficult to choose such device if you don’t weigh your options. If you don’t know which machine is perfect for your work, you might end up buying the wrong one. We can help you get the best sewing machines for leather of 2018. Before you decide to purchase a sewing machine, it is always wise to know the details and features for the various machines by reading a detailed review of each product as customer reviews are important.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Sewing Machines For Leather

The Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine

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Singer 4411 has a stainless steel bedplate and its interior frame is made of heavy duty metal to give the machine performance and durability. It is made with the signature Singer technology, which is top-class. This beautiful leather stitching machine has a powerful motor which provides excellent work at high speed. Its features include a 4-step fully automatic buttonhole and a drop-in bobbin. This model is designed to sew even the toughest fabrics, with flawless results. Its 11 built-in stitches are sure to leave you satisfied. The strong and efficient motor will provide you with an impressive 1,100 stitches per minute.

Brother XM270 Lightweight Machine

Brother XM2701 Lightweight, Full-Featured Sewing Machine

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This product is not only an excellent industrial model but also highly affordable. It has 27 beautiful decorative stitches and is easy for you to handle. This machine will help you achieve professional grade results and create the perfect button holes with its auto-size one-step buttonholer. Brother XM270 provides you with a built-in needle threader and the smoothest drop-in bobbin on top. It also has a built-in LED light. It comes with a lifetime of free technical support along with a bilingual manual and 25 years of warranty.


SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed

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Singer is undoubtedly a great choice, simply because of its brand value. And this sturdy machine has 23 in-built stitches to provide you with all the basic stitches including a fully automatic, one-step button holes that are perfect. Its automatic needle threader provides you with faster and more efficient stitches than any other standard machine and is perfect for home use. It has many other brilliant features like the automatic sew in reverse button and adjustable stitch length, all available to you at the best price. You can also make your satin stitches 6 mm wider with this one. Its three needle positions can help you stitch zippers as well.

Brother cs6000i Computerized Model

Brother cs6000i 60-Stitch Computerized

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This one is an immensely versatile leather sewing machine. Its heavy duty features help you achieve intricate leather designs. The LCD display helps you work with ease while the automatic adjustable stitches make your work efficient. This machine has industrial grade computerized technology, which enables it to stitch through the thickest quality of leather and upholstery. This machine comes with a 25 years warranty and free phone support along with many supporting accessories like the twin needle, cleaning brush, power cord, bilingual operation manual and many more.

Janome HD 1000

Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty

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If you are looking for a comparatively cheap sewing machine for easy use, then this is a good sewing machine to work with. You can get a host of excellent features, all under $200. It is equipped with 14 built-in stitches which include stretch stitches to utility stitches. The button hole is an easy 4-step process to get the perfect buttonhole for your leather jackets. There are other various accessories like the hemmer foot, button-hole foot and extra needles and bobbins to make your work faster. The inbuilt needle threader makes it less strenuous for your eyes.

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600- Stitch

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized

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Singer is one of the best brands and this heavy duty machine is adequately multi-functional to help you achieve the best stitching job. This is a top-rated leather sewing machine which gives you the finest results. It has an automatic needle threader and an automatic thread cutter. The needle up-down facility can make the toughest stitches and patterns feel lucid and easy to execute. The automatic stitch length button helps you attain the perfect stitches. The fully automatic one step button hole and the 600 in-built stitches gives you the scope to create attractive designs on your leather material. SINGER 9960 has received raving reviews by customers and has an excellent market rating. It is one of the best machine for sewing leather

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric

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This is optimal for both personal and commercial purposes because it is one of the best cheap stitching machines, which promises to deliver great results. Brother Sewing machines are some of the best in their category, especially for stitching leather. Its heirloom and decorative stitches comes in 50 different in-built utilities, and each one has its own multiple stitch function to help you do more intricate leather work. However, this model is not recommended for countries that do not support 110V ac current, even if you have an adapter.

Juki DDL– 5550 Industrial Sewing Machine

Juki DDL-5550 Industrial Straight Stitch

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Juki is a sewing machine that can help produce more work per minute in comparison to other machines on the market. This machine has the capacity to stitch up to 5500 stitches per minute. It is a good quality machine and can suite your low budget. This small but efficient machine can give optimum results by doing almost 5mm stitches in length. The needles come in sizes 9-18 of the category DB X 1. However, you might require a 110V servo motor for the smooth functioning of the machine.

Sailrite Ultrafeed R LS – 1 BASIC Stitching Machine

Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultrafeed® LS-1 BASIC Walking Foot

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If you are looking for a low cost and high quality sewing machine for leather that works by foot, this is the perfect one for you. It is perfect for beginners who want to try hand at stitching leather. This top-rated leather sewing machine should be used when you want to get a hang of the basics of stitching. It has the power plus balance wheel, which is as powerful as the traditional flywheel. The machine works on a pulley drive system along with a cogged belt and requires an AC motor of 110 volts.

TechSew 3650 HD Leather

TechSew 3650HD Heavy Duty Leather Industrial

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This is a heavy duty machine with feeding mechanism. This model can stitch up to a thickness of 16’’ of a material. The length of its cylinder bed is 10.5”. It also includes a speed smart servo motor and assembled tables. It is efficient in reverse-stitch and stitch length adjustments. It has the capacity to sew 2 layers of 11oz of leather to 4 layers of 8 oz leather. The needle size varies from 23 to 27. Even though it comes with limited warranty, you will get free tech support for life.