13 Best Computer Desks for PC Gaming

Atlantic Gaming Desk
In order to isolate the best out of the many impressive designs, we found on the market, we spent 10 days window shopping and found Atlantic Gaming Desk to be a superb choice for most people.

It has everything most gaming enthusiasts want in a gaming desk so that they are better able to focus on completing missions and competing with multiple players over an Internet connection.

It comes with a built-in elevated monitor stand, which means you can connect your PC to an external monitor without obstructing your view of either system. With speaker stands, headphone stands and charging stations this model is one of the best gaming desks.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Desks for Gaming

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk5080
Atlantic Gaming Computer Desk10090
Origami RDE-0110080
Techni Computer Workstation Desk10090
Executive Office Solutions Adjustable Desk10080
Aidata Ergonomic Sit-Stand PCC004P1070
Z-Line Belaire Glass10090
DXRacer DGD/1000/NE560
Techni Mobili Hip Black5080
Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation8080
Bestar Innova U Shape Desk590
Walker Edison Soreno10080
ApexDesk Elite Series 71"5090

Arozzi Arena Large Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

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Arozzi Arena Large Gaming Desk has been developed in cooperation with gamers, so the manufacturer is confident that professional players will appreciate this product. However, the most surprising design decision that distinguishes the desk is a special coating.

Well, considering the unique features, Arozzi gaming desk is an excellent solution for those who appreciate quality in everything. The product is stylish, comfortable, and unique – it is a TOP choice! A computer table Arozzi Arena Large 100 inch desk is designed for those who are not used to peddle.


  • Modern design. In the design of the pc desk, everyone can find something special. Strict lines without unnecessary details and functions are skillfully combined with the company’s bright logo.
  • The unique coating on 100% of the table surface. Turn the table into a huge mouse pad of the highest quality. Boost your skills and win all the games easily.
  • Three special cable holes in the table top. There is a place for any appliance on the table; you can charge up to three devices simultaneously.
  • The adjusted height of the support legs. You can easily adjust a height of the table as one sees fit in just a minute.
  • Color solutions. Create a real gaming room at home with a stylish and catchy pc desk by Arozzi. It will become a bright addition to any interior solution.


  • The absence of shelves. If you have any equipment to store, Arozzi Arena Large Gaming Desk is not the best solution. However, it is not a case if you need to organize a comfortable gaming place.

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk

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A desk from the company Atlantic. Owing to its numerous benefits, it can easily be called the best value! Among cool things are the excellent stability and high reliability of the 70-inch desk.

With this desk, there’s no need for an elevated monitor stand – there is one already built in. The desktop is also “equipped” with the handy tablet/ phone charging station. It is not necessary to be a gamer to enjoy this computer desk that holds 2 computers since it has a place just for everything.

All in all, a pc gaming table has everything not just for a comfortable sitting and playing but also for a smart organization of items on the table surface. Top surface finished with true carbon fiber, the texture is very smooth and just looks great to the eye.


  • All-in-one desk with different slots for item storage. Keep all your belongings in one place.
  • Can be used as a student ergonomic desk. Owing to its smart construction, Atlantic Gaming Desk can be adjusted to any person’s needs.
  • High-tech carbon fiber laminated top and strong steel leg construction. The table can be used for a long time owing to quality materials and its strong construction.
  • Built-in metal slots for wires. Another important advantage of the affordable desk is the small slots for cables for competent cable management.


  • Plain design. The table design is rather boring and will hardly look catchy in your room. The drawer, however, could also have been designed better.

Origami RDE-01

Origami RDE-01

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Modern design, quality materials, smart ergonomics and absolute comfort – all these have been embodied in the desk Origami RDE-01. The construction of the portable desk makes it possible to comfortably position hands and features a stable base and foot design.

The manufacturer uses the most advanced materials and engineering solutions in the design of the 72-inch computer desk to facilitate your stay at the computer. Due to an optimal ergonomic angle of the computer stand for the forearm resting the awesome desk Origami RDE-01 can be easily called the quality product for gamers.

Unlike huge desks, the stand-up desk will perfectly suit those who value convenience and smart set-up in everything.


  • Quickly opens and folds. It is an easy building gaming desk that requires no special skills to assemble it.
  • It has a 2-piece folding mechanism combined with dual locks of desks. No tools required for set up.
  • Tabletop is easy to remove for lightweight moving. One can easily adjust the table construction to his needs.
  • Compact system. The table is rather compact and can be accommodated in any place in the room. You can even create a gaming “galaxy” in your bedroom.


  • No shelves. Since there are no containers and shelves, it will be difficult for you to find any place for storing your belongings.
  • Not a well-thought-out cable management system. It would be a good thing if a manufacturer elaborated a smart solution for cable management.

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Computer Desk for Multiple Monitors by WALI


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This freestanding dual LCD monitor desk mount for will open up available space: a place for a keyboard, mouse, joystick, audio speakers, steering wheel, and even pedals. Your convenience is considered by WALI – and it does not matter what game you are going to play, you will definitely feel comfortable.

The outstanding design of the product will allow you to organize a convenient workplace, where all necessary office supplies and equipment can be accommodated.

Keep everything at hand and enjoy the absolute comfort when playing your favorite games. With the adjustable model by WALI, everything is possible!


  • Bedside-tables. Do you have a lot of items and equipment to place? No problem at all. With the product, you will have space just for everything!
  • Home tabletop. It allows you to install professional mouse control devices and have convenient and accurate experience during the game.


  • Assembling necessary. You will not go far without the item assembly, which takes some time and skills.
  • No option for customization. Although the model is multifunctional, it is hardly possible to adjust it to your specific needs.

Small Computer Workstation Desk

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Small Computer Workstation Desk is an ergonomic computer table with many different work surfaces. The table includes double-wheel non-marking locking casters, which makes it easy to move the gaming desk.

Another good thing about the product is the adjustable shelf to center, right or left of the table. With its help, you can transform the table into a construction that ideally suits your needs.

Besides, the small gaming desk features pullout shelf for the keyboard with safety stop and printer shelf. In order for a user to place all his belonging, the manufacturer has furnished the table with side media and CD rack, accessory shelf and large panel to accommodate desk accessories at the bottom.

An ergonomic worktop allows you to effectively organize the workspace and make it possible to comfortably place your hands on the table.


  • Being everlast. The Table top is made with heavy MDF Panels with a moisture resistant PVC Laminate veneer. A steel frame is scratch resistant and powder-coated. Nylon wheels are non-marking and durable (locking casters included).
  • Being multifunctional. Many shelves that are adjustable and can be used for different purposes. Store all your belongings in one place.
  • The most ergonomic desk. You can adjust a desk construction to your needs. Its tabletop is easy to move and is rather capacious.


  • Space for one monitor only. You can place only one monitor on the tabletop. There will no space for any other peripheral devices.
  • Side media rack for CDs. It is rather useless and simply occupies the space. Less of us store any information on CDs; there are more convenient alternatives.

Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk by Executive Office Solutions

Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk Check the Latest Price on Amazon

Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk by Executive Office Solutions is an ergonomic table with variable height. The height adjustment is carried out manually with the smart system.

One can change the height of the desk easily and quickly. So once you get tired of playing your favorite game in a sitting posture, you can stand for some time.

Thanks to a wide range of height adjustment, you can choose the most comfortable position for you. And since the adjustment is carried out by a smart mechanism, this is done quickly and without any effort.

Considering all the features of the floating gaming desk, it is a good option for those who do not have a lot of free space for the computer table.

Gamers who want to change their position while playing should definitely consider this desk. Owing to fully adjustable legs and a lightweight aluminum, it is comfortable to be used in any form.


  • Lightweight aluminum tray. The table is light and compact, which explains its multifaceted functionality. You can use it at home or even bring it with yourself to the office.
  • Fully adjustable legs. Adjust the table to the most convenient position to you. Whether you sit, lie, or stand, Laptop Desk by Executive Office Solutions can be set up accordingly.
  • Silent USB Powered CPU cooling fans. Assure your laptop doesn’t run hot. Built-in USB powered CPU cooling fans will help you.


  • Tray, not a table. It can be hardly called a table. A construction recalls a tray. If you are looking for a full-fledged,  Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk by Executive Office Solutions will hardly deliver upon expectations.
  • Zero storing capacity. You will not find any shelves and containers for storing your belongings here.

Aidata Ergonomic Sit-Stand Mobile Computer Desk

Aidata Ergonomic Sit-Stand

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Aidata Ergonomic Sit-Stand Mobile Computer Desk is an ergonomic table that allows for changing the position of the user. Thus, you can play your favorite games sitting, reclining, and even standing. Adjustable tabletop will provide absolute comfort to the hands and forearms when playing in a reclining position.

It is an excellent choice for pragmatists who are looking for the perfect balance of quality, convenience, and price. Due to the high-quality plastic frame, the modular computer desks of this series are very durable and withstand a load of up to 396,8 lb.

The desk is very compact thus creating a comfortable working place for you. Quality materials used for the table is another good thing a user will definitely appreciate in Aidata Ergonomic Sit-Stand Mobile Computer Desk.


  • Adjustable gaming desk height. The table is regulated in height through the use of the electric drive, making the gaming desk quickly adapt to your position.
  • Optimal tabletop surface. The optimal size of the tabletop allows you to productively organize the space and sit with a special comfort.
  • Retractable mouse pad and cup holder. Organize a separate gaming galaxy with the most convenient conditions for you. Owing to a retractable cup holder, one can have morning coffee while playing his favorite games.
  • Casters for easy movement. Due to castors the table has, it is possible to move a desk around and accommodate it at any corner in a room.


  • No space for several monitors. If you need to accommodate several monitors and a laptop, Aidata computer desk will hardly provide you with this option.
  • No shelves for item storing. The table is very compact and doesn’t have many different containers for item storing.

Z-Line Belaire Glass Computer Desk

Z-Line Belaire Glass

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Z-Line Belaire Glass Computer desks are designed for those who value comfort, simplicity, and reliability. Metal L-shaped supports have high strength and are capable of withstanding loads up to 440,9 lb. Owing to two-level tabletop, elbows lie on the table completely, providing the maximum comfort to the hands and forearms.

Furniture designers developed this standing desk based on world trends in desktop computer workstation furniture production. The table is as simple as possible in the assembly, with all the accessories needed being on the computer desk kit.


  • Sleek L-shaped glass desk. A distinctive feature of this table is metal L-shaped supports. A table can boast an increased strength and can withstand loads of up to 440,9 lb.
  • High-strength metal frame. A sturdy metal frame with reinforced plates on welding joints makes the desk “long-living” and resistant to any exposure.
  • Spacious work-space. Featuring an original L-shaped form, the computer desk is rather capacious. You can easily place several monitors, a laptop, and an audio system on a computer desk large surface area.
  • Clear tempered glass for safety. The table is rather practical, although having some glass elements. Owing to this design solution, it looks stylish and sleek.


  • Occupies a lot of space. If you are searching for a small table, Z-Line Belaire desk is not a perfect choice for you. The table occupies a lot of space and can be accommodated in a corner only.
  • No shelves. Although the table top is capacious and two-level, it has no shelves and containers for storing peripherals.

Ergonomic Comfortable Desk by DX Racer


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A big gaming desk with an adjustable tabletop by DX Racer. A special ergonomic niche in the front of the tabletop allows you to completely place your elbows on the large desk, which prevents fatigue of hands if you play for several hours.

Great computer desks by DX Racer are made for people spending most of their time in front of the computer. Desks by DX Racer are designed for a wide use both at home and in the office.

Stylish design, use of modern manufacturing approaches and quality materials – these are the main distinctive features of Ergonomic Comfortable Desk by DX Racer.

The table does differentiate from the ordinary computer desks available on the market. It will definitely add originality to any gaming setting. So if you are bored of traditional tables and search for a unique solution, you should consider Ergonomic Comfortable Desk by DX Racer.


  • Unique design. The design and combined colors of the material are unique, which very clearly distinguishes the DX Racer series from other products on the market.
  • 10-degree slope. Owing to the 10-degree slope, it is now possible to sit in any position comfortable to you.
  • Easily rotatable and easy to move. The table is light and will easy to move.


  • No item storage options. The table doesn’t have any shelves and containers for storing peripherals.
  • Uncapacious tabletop. It will be hardly possible to accommodate several monitors and laptop on DX Racer desks.

Techni Mobili

Techni Mobili Hip

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The computer desk by Techni Mobili provides a huge amount of free space for the most comfortable game, no matter how long the process takes. It boasts impressive dimensions and a unique l-shaped gaming desk form with a curved scratch resistant powder-coated steel frame.

The flexible design allows you to place the black desk in the way that suits your needs.

This modern computer workstation features both an elegant heavy-duty 8-mm tempered safety glass desktop and the stylish lines of a curved chromed-steel frame. Not a surprise that The table creates a spacious workspace. a slide-out keyboard shelf equipped with a safety stop.


  • Capacious tabletop. There will be enough space for two or three monitors.
  • Curved scratch resistant powder-coated steel frame. Due to the flexible L-shaped design, you can accommodate the desk to suit your needs at any place in the room. High-quality materials used for the table production make it “long-living.”
  • Pull out keyboard tray. This desk offers a spacious place for PC gaming with a slide-out shelf for keyboard equipped with a safety stop.


  • Occupies a lot of space. Although the table provides a lot of free space, it has big dimensions. One will find it difficult to accommodate a desk in a small room.
  • No options for smart cable management. There are no slots for hiding cables and wires.

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

Z-Line Designs

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Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation is a model of a desk featuring many advantages important for modern gamers.  It is a perfect choice for those who value comfort, smart design, and functional details.

The convenient form of the tabletop and the large size of the desktop make it possible to use the model both for home and in the office. Furniture made of glass adds to originality, lightness, ease, and beauty of the interior.

This contemporary style computer desk features a cherry finish with black accents; it is also made of clear tempered glass with black border for safety. Owing to chrome cylinder glass supports and a pull-out keyboard tray with room for a mouse, one feels comfortable when sitting at the table. It is an excellent desk option made of glass for home or office.


  • Сontemporary style. The design of the desk will fit into the interior of any room.
  • Ergonomic feature. The ergonomic construction allows for installing a monitor of any diagonal as well as a laptop of any size.
  • Castors for easy mobility. You can easily move a table around and change its location.


  • Impossible to adjust height. The table construction makes it impossible to change the height of the desk.

Bestar Furniture U-Shaped Workstation

Bestar Furniture 92850-63

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Bestar Furniture U-Shaped Workstation is a good option to consider when it comes to workplace ergonomics. The manufactures did their best to create a multi-functional and quality solution for organizing a workstation in a smart and highly ergonomic way.

The table is interchangeable; you can simply make the suggested modifications to fit your needs. You can use Bestar U-Shaped Furniture as an ordinary work/ play station combined with a personal library and a stock corner for office appliances.

Owing to quality materials, the table is truly everlast. So if you are seeking a computer desk to use for years, we recommend you to consider this option. Create absolute comfort for your gaming session!


  • Ergonomic form. The generously proportioned dimensions and ergonomic shape of the tabletop allow you to use the model not only for working in front of a computer but also to store all your equipment in one place.
  • Varied storage possibilities. Tray for the system unit and shelves of various sizes allow for compact placing of the computer and peripherals. The workstation has a shelf for CD and a movable drawer for accurate item storage.
  • Smart design. You can transform the Bestar Furniture u-shaped gaming desk into a multifunctional workstation, where you can work, study, play games, and store any items.


  • Big U shaped desk dimensions. It will be simply impossible to accommodate the desk in a small room due to its large size.
  • Conservative look. If you are a fan of modern designs and revolutionary constructions, you will find this table boring.

Walker Edison Soreno

Walker Edison Soreno

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ApexDesk Elite Series 71″

ApexDesk Elite Series

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Gaming Computer Desk Buying Guide

The modern gaming industry has made a huge step forward. Now, in many countries, e-sports has received official status and recognition. Competitions in various e-sports disciplines are regularly held around the world. Together with the development of cybersports, the need for special gaming furniture increased.

Cyber athletes spend many hours in front of the computer. As a result, with such an inactive way of life, the body of even a young person suffers. Therefore, professional gamers use special equipment (gaming chairs and desks) that meets all the requirements for ensuring the comfort and health of a seated.

What is more, winning gameplay can be reached not only due to the skills of the gamer but also by the combination of wisely selected accessories and workplace.

Choosing a specific model of the gaming desk, you need to focus primarily on its parameters. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the dimensions of the room as well as the convenient location for the piece of furniture. So you can choose the optimal size.

Before you buy a gaming desk, you need to determine the following parameters:

  • The future location of the flat desk. It should be placed in a room in such a way that direct sunlight does not fall on it. There should be an outlet nearby.
  • Sizes of the construction. It is necessary to calculate the maximum height and width of the desired desk in advance so that you do not have to deal with rearrangement of furniture in the room afterward. Please, consider the dimensions of the PC and components in advance.
  • Multi-functionality. Such products should be distinguished by an increased level of comfort and multitask capability.
  • Smart construction. There may be slots for concealed wiring so that all the wires can be hidden inside the furniture. Some models have a special niche where the gamer can put his elbows. This allows you to reduce the burden on your back during the game.
  • Practicality and ergonomics. There must be structural components like boxes, where you can hide discs with games, additional devices, and various tools. Most top-rated computer desks are equipped with a keyboard shelf, and side shelves for other components, for example, for an acoustic system.

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