The most tedious job for a mother is having a clean mattress with a baby, her lovely toddler. The need of the hour is to protect the mattress from poo, pee, vomit and spillages as the baby grows. The best solution for this is the mattress protectors. There is a wide variety of good crib mattress protector covers/pads available on the market. Below you can find 10 reviews of the best crib mattress protectors to buy in 2018, which we have picked after the deep market research.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Crib Mattress Protectors

American Baby Company Crib and Toddler Protective Mattress Pad

American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Crib

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An ultimate barrier between the mattress and your baby for those best nights of sound sleep. When you remove this mattress pad off after a diaper leak or a beverage spillage episode, you will be surprised to see a really dry mattress which still looks fresh and new. Made of soft fabric it is sure to soothe the smooth skin of babies. It fits perfected to any crib and is one of the best models you can invest in toddler bed also to catch up some good night’s sleep.

Ultra Soft Fitted Quilted Mattress Protector for Your Crib

Ultra Soft Waterproof

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This is an extremely soft, quilted crib mattress pad with no vinyl material which ensures your baby sleep safe. This top rated crib mattress pad is highly recommended both for baby and for a toddler bed. It is breathable, waterproof option and can be washed easily. This one is a well-fitted crib pad. It can fit into even converted toddler beds. You will be glad to get through the night with a dry mattress since they are highly absorbent. This is made of bamboo rayon fiber and has stain protection.

Organic Cotton Natural Baby Mattress Cover

Organic Cotton Waterproof Fitted Crib Pad

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Known as the dry defender fitted crib pad this is an organic crib mattress pad. It is a waterproof crib pad made of natural cotton for baby’s soft skin available at a decent budget. You should buy this one if you need a breathable mattress pad which is of high quality and also performs like the expensive one. A must have natural mattress protector to make your baby sleep like a baby for long hours. It has a four-layer design to enhance protection against leakages. The review is considerable to purchase this ultra-protective cotton crib mattress protector.

Crib Size SureGuard Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector

Crib Size SureGuard Matress Protector

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This is an awesome product for its durability and the manufacturer assures of a 10-year warranty. Your baby crib mattress pad is safe as long as your baby or toddler is using it. This is a hypoallergenic mattress cover which assures rest to the fullest. Your baby will sleep safely on this mattress protector. It is very simple to clean too. You can just machine wash this with cold water and do not need to iron, dry wash etc. which makes it maintenance free. SureGuard is a perfect sleeping companion in comparison to other protectors.

Safety Baby Zippered Crib Protector

Safety Baby Waterproof

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A high-quality crib mattress protector for the best price. You can test its capability to safeguard your baby’s mattress by pouring some water and then placing a heavy weight on it. Remove it and you will be astonished to feel the dryness of the mattress. This is a wonderful zippered crib mattress protector which can take quite a few wet episodes of your baby’s sleep time. The cover with zipper is made to keep both the top and bottom covered neatly so that there are no chances of having the sides of the crib getting wet.

Utopia Bedding Mattress Protector

Utopia Bedding

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This 2 pack mattress protector is an added value to the cost paid. It is ultra-soft, super absorbent and luxuriously comfortable for your little one. This bed mattress protector is one of its kind which is so soft that you don’t need to put a top sheet occasionally. It’s highly protected and easy to clean. A top-rated crib mattress pad which doesn’t make that cranking sound like many do. If you ever decide to buy a crib mattress protector then this is the right one both for its performance and the money paid.

Bamboo Crib Mattress Cover by Swaddle


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Made of thin and soft terry cloth, this bamboo mattress protector is dryer safe. This soft crib mattress pad becomes a little softer after you put it in the dryer. You can use it either for a crib or just like that for your baby to play on the floor. It doesn’t slip off. One of the best crib mattress pads you have to purchase after seeing the review from various users. It doesn’t stretch upon regular usage and is a highly recommended product. It is a fantastic fit around the crib and has very good after sales customer support too.

MILLIARD Premium Bed Mattress Pad with Extra Padding

MILLIARD Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Quilted Crib

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One of the best crib mattress covers, this is ergonomically designed with a technology that acts as a barrier from fluids and other allergy triggers to reach your baby/toddler while they are fast asleep. There are a lot of mattress covers in the market, but this one has proved to be the leading brand of its good quality. The extra padding is sufficient to make your baby sleep without swaddling. If there is a need, you will surely buy this one again and again after using it once. It is one of the best brands available on the market.

Vinyl Free, Toddler Bed Cover by Calmnite

Twin Size Matres Pad Protectr - Waterproof & Hypoallergenic Cover

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For all those mothers who want a non-toxic toddler mattress protector, this is one the children’s mattress protector with great demand. There is no vinyl in the fabric and ensures safe skin with this crib protector. There are various sizes to choose along with a pillow protector too. If you are annoyed of the stains on your pillows then you should surely consider buying this one. It is a cool protector for all kind of leakage protection. You don’t have to worry about staining with this stain free crib mattress topper with a good rating.

Sealy Waterproof Mattress Cover

Sealy Waterproof Matress Cover

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This is available in a pack of two. More advantageous when one has gone to wash. You don’t have to worry about removing it in the midst of a night and find an alternative. You will have a replacement ready. Though it is a cheap crib mattress pad, it is thick, durable and waterproof with very good consumer reports. An affordable one and it is available at the best price. The customer reviews of a crib mattress cover show it is waterproof, pee proof and vomit proof. Suitable for babies who wet a lot while sleeping.