The bed is our place of peace and comfort after a long day. Now, apart from having a good mattress, the most comfortable bed sets complete this whole experience. It’s that part of your bed that touches your skin, wrapping around you. However, choosing the best bed sheet sets means more than just a pretty design and the right size. The most comfortable bed sheets are made of the best materials that look great, feel great and fit your mattress right. So, to help you choose the best ones out there, we’ve gathered our best picks for you.

Top-Rated Bed Sheets

Mellanni Microfiber Bed Sheet Set  (TOP Choice)

Mellanni Microfiber

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Made to last and even comes with a lifetime guarantee, on top of very comfortable material makes this bed sheet from Mellani’s lands on the top spot.

Mellani’s Microfiber Sheets made from high quality brushed microfiber that feels lush and comfortable on the skin. Moreover, it is easy-to-care-for material is a plus that many users enjoy. That’s because it’s easy to dry, and doesn’t shrink, fade or stain, while also made of wrinkle resistant material.

That’s not all, this model is also hypoallergenic. So, you get the softest most comfortable sheets without having to worry about allergies. Its 100% Polyester make is breathable while also keeping dust mites, moisture and allergens away. They also fit a mattress well with deep pockets and well-made elastic corners.

These sets make a good investment because they are sturdy and long lasting. Plus, Mellani’s makes it easy for buyers to choose them with their Lifetime Guarantee. You don’t even have to return the bed sheet set to get a refund if you’re unhappy, that’s how confident this brand is.

You get all that for an affordable price with these sheets look classy and feel luxurious.


  • Lifetime Guarantee with 100% money-back/replacement guarantee. This makes an easy buying decision and shows the brand’s confidence in quality.
  • Luxurious and extremely soft. Made of plush brushed microfiber that feels both luxurious and soft.
  • Easy to maintain and made to last. Doesn’t shrink, fade or stain. Plus, it dries quickly and is wrinkle resistant.
  • Hypoallergenic. Perfect for people who suffer from allergies.
  • Good value for the price. Feels like a luxury bedding sheet set for an affordable price.


  • Nothing noteworthy to dislike. This product has received more than 30K raving reviews, and for any dissatisfaction, you can use its lifetime guarantee.

California Design Den Cotton Sheet Set (Best Value)

California Design

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With a 100% pure cotton weaved into 400 threads per sq. inch, you get a hotel quality soft sheet set for a reasonable price. Many customers agree with the quality and value of this California Design Den Cotton Sheet Set, including those with sensitive skin. See, California Design takes pride in using 100% Staple (long thread) compact combined cotton yarn. Plus, that 400-thread count is hard to ignore for its price.

If you’re not a fan of an all-white set, you’ll still enjoy its other shades made of fade resistant dye. Moreover, the sheets feature shrink resistant fabric in a soft sateen weave. So you can confidently wash these sheets at home without worrying about ruining them.

Another feature that makes this sheet set extra special is that they are artisan-tailored individually. This means each sheet goes through the skilled hand’s artisans who individually cut, measure and stitches them up. With that, you can also imagine the jobs you’re also supporting while you get to rest on one of the most comfortable sheets.

These sheets definitely live up to California Design’s slogan to “Sleep comfortable and live beautifully”.


  • Great value for money. You get a high-quality set made from 100% cotton woven to perfection for a reasonable price.
  • Home washable and easy-to-care-for. Doesn’t fade or shrink and washable on normal cycle with some simple tips for washing.
  • Soft and comfortable fabric. Many customers rave about how comfortable and soft these sheets are.
  • Individually tailored and inspected. Especially hand-made by expert artisans.


  • Some poor reviews on quality. While some customers feel that the sheets don’t seem as luxurious as advertised, they still feel it’s good for the price.

Thread Spread 100% Egyptian Cotton 1000 Thread Count Sheet Set | Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Thread Spread

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If you’re specifically looking for the luxury of good Egyptian cotton sheets then you can’t miss this sheet set by Thread Spread. The brand features 100% Cotton woven through 100% Compact yarn, which removes short fiber surfaces and impurities from the material.  And when they say Cotton, that’s 100% Egyptian cotton rendered into smooth, soft, silky, high-quality fabrics through sateen weave.

Thread Spread also doesn’t go stingy on fabric with a 4-inch hem as well as well-sewn pieces. This set also features a tight fit through a 4-way elastic all-around supporting up to 17” in thickness.

The designs and color choices are subtle yet great accents for design. Many customers appreciate their available color choices on top of the quality of sheets. This particular set inspired by their 1920’s collection looks sleek after rendered into this modern woven fabric with 1000 threads per sq. inch. Users describe it as incredibly soft, crisp, thick while fitting snugly on their mattress. They’ve been able to machine wash their set in cold water without any issues.


  • High-end base material from a trusted brand. Thread Spread is a popular brand in the use of 100% Egyptian cotton woven into a quality fabric.
  • Awesome sateen weave fabric with 1000 thread count. Woven with the latest technology giving a silky smooth finish without impurities.
  • Simple and elegant design. Designs inspired by Thread Spread’s 1920’s themes and collection.


  • Pricey. As you would expect for a high-end material like this, it costs close to $90 while offering luxury comfort and high quality.

Pinzon Signature Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheet Set | Best Flannel Sheets

Pinzon Signature

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If you need the warmth of the best flannel sheets, Pinzon Signature makes the softest flannel sheets on the market.  And, their Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheet set made and imported from Portugal should definitely be on your shopping list.

Made from 100% Cotton finished with a double nap on both sides makes 190grams of velvety soft fabric. These sheets aren’t your ordinary flannel sheets. They feel lush, warm, and luxurious yet breathable. These wonderful sheets come out of an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory, which meets high standards for environment and personal safety. Plus, they maintain quality through an independent certification system consistently producing high-end products.

This velvety soft flannel weaved from 100% combed cotton is made to last. Since combed yarn eliminates uneven fibers, weak thread and debris in the process.

As you’d expect with a high-end brand, this sheet set features a 4-inch for its flat sheet and pillowcases. Meanwhile, its fitted sheet designed for a snug cover fits up to a 17-inch thick mattress size. Moreover, this collection comes with elegant color and design options to fit your preference.


  • Made from 100% combed cotton. This new process of preparing fabric only keeps strong, long, even and clean thread for durability.
  • Double napped flannel.  This makes it best for retaining heat while adds softness to the fabric.
  • 190 grams flannel per m2. Thick and well-woven, this flannel set is extra soft and provides good warmth from the cold weather.


  • Delicate for washing and cleaning. Proper washing for this material needs to be followed to avoid shedding or peeling.

Queen Size Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets – Extra Soft | Super Soft Sheets

Queen Size

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This 6-pc bed sheet set by CGK Unlimited will make you want to keep rolling and plunging under the sheets all day. Made from the highest quality of brushed microfiber, these light yet super soft sheets offer the comfort and luxury of a hotel bed in your own home.

Users describe this top-rated set as unbelievably soft and well-fit. Moreover, the double brushed material is woven well, producing a breathable and cool fabric that feels smooth and silky soft. And yet another plus, these sheets are also hypoallergenic making a good choice for allergy sufferers.

Meanwhile, since these sheets are made from microfiber they’re durable with the added benefits of being stain and wrinkle resistant. There is some feedback about quality consistency though. However, CGK unlimited receives commendations for excellent support and even proactive about returns and refunds at the least.

The sheet set comes at a reasonable price for a Queen Size set and comes in varied stylish colors. Moreover, they currently have a bulk purchase discount so you get to save more when you buy more.


  • Made from double-brushed microfiber. This makes the fabric extra soft and durable.
  • Hotel quality comfort. With the right breathable and strong weave, these sheets are soft and comfortable providing the luxury of a hotel bed.
  • Buy more save more. Buying two or more sheets gets you a 5% to 15% discount. (until available)


  • Reported quality concerns after washing. There is some feedback posted about the product’s quality but have been well-supported by the manufacturer’s customer service team. Some were even proactively offered refunds.

Mellanni Percale Quality Luxury Bedding | Best Percale Sheets

Mellanni Percale

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Mellanni makes a name for quality sheets and these nice Percale sheets certainly live up to the brand. Made of 100% imported cotton woven into a soft breathable 300-thread count fabric, this sheet set feels luxurious. Moreover, it’s fade resistant and durable, making it a good buying choice.

This sheet set also features OEKO Tex certified fabric, which means it’s chemical free and safe for use by everyone in the family, including a baby. As for fit, the design includes deep pockets for a good fit on your mattress, up 16” thick. Its all-around elastic will hold the sheets well so you don’t have to worry about the sheets getting loose as you sleep.

Many customers also note how comfortable and super soft the sheets are. Moreover, they also stay cool, making them extra comfy during warm weather.

Care and maintenance aren’t too sensitive either. These machine-washable sheets also get softer with each wash.  And if you ever find that you’re unhappy with this Percale sheet set, Mellanni covers it with a 100% Lifetime money back guarantee. With that thrown in the deal, you can see the brand’s confidence in their product’s quality.


  • Features 100% Imported Cotton. You get the Percale quality of softness and comfort at an affordable price.
  • Easy to clean. The sheet set is machine washable and gets softer with each wash.
  • Buy more save more. Mellanni is currently featuring discounts for purchases of two or more sheets.
  • Lifetime guarantee. The company shows confidence in their product with a 100% money back guarantee.


  • Inconsistent quality. Some feel that other colors aren’t as comfortable, there were also sheets that got wrinkled after washing. Note that the product isn’t advertised as wrinkle-free though.

Wamsutta King Size Deep Pocket Sheet Set | Good Quality Sheets

Wamsutta King Size

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Made from the best Egyptian cotton, weaved into this luxurious 620 thread count sheet are made to last. Moreover, they provide comfort that makes your bed fit for a queen.

The premium quality of imported Egyptian cotton is a comfort on a different level. You’ll notice how finely woven these sheets are making them both soft and lightweight. And while these are premium sheets, they don’t require meticulous cleaning. You can easily pop them in the washer and dry them.

This sheet set features a snug fit with an innovative design that stretches to cover up to an 18” thick mattress. This keeps the sheet in place however you move all night, so you can sleep comfortably and soundly.

Wamsutta has gained many loyal customers with the quality they deliver, and this sheet set satisfies them the same. If you find that they don’t live up to this quality, you’ll be happy to know that it’s covered with a 10-year warranty.


  • Features 100% Imported Egyptian cotton. Wamsutta provides premium Egyptian cotton sheets that are comfortable and durable.
  • Machine washable. With this material, you don’t have to worry about meticulous cleaning instructions.
  • 10-year warranty Wamsutta is known for quality products, and if you aren’t satisfied, note that your purchase is covered by their 10-year warranty.


  • Nothing noteworthy to dislike about this product.

Brielle 100-Percent Rayon Bamboo Sateen Sheet Set | Best Sateen Sheets


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If you’re more interested in an environment-safe organic option, then you’ve probably looked-up bamboo-made -materials. It’s great to consider it too, more than being environment-friendly; they also have antibacterial and thermo-regulating properties. Bamboo is also starting to become popular as one of the highest quality materials in textile. It’s becoming a luxury on its own,

Now, the best of the bunch when it comes to bamboo sateen sheets is this sheet set by Brielle. This brand is popular for their extensive selection of beddings made from various materials. This includes cotton, bamboo fibers in sateen jersey, twill, modal, tencel / lyocell, and percale weaves.

This premium sheet-set features soft and silky bamboo sheets made from 100% Bamboo Rayon woven into a 510 thread-count fabric. The fabric is so finely woven the fabric almost shines. Moreover, the weave also features micro gaps in millions that help it wick-away moisture 4-times more than most fabrics.

The pillowcases on this set have a French-closure that makes them long-lasting. This coupled with a well-fitting sheet that fit up to 17” deep and a z-folded 4-inch hem. Overall, both fabric and design considers meticulous details in quality and comfort, which is why Brielle stands out from the rest.


  • Made from organic bamboo rayon material. This renewable material is environmentally safe yet offers luxurious comfort and quality.
  • Provides the benefits of Bamboo material while also featuring premium make. The product offers the thermo-genic and antibacterial properties of bamboo that make it great for the coolest to warmest weather. Meanwhile, its design features a French-closed pillowcase and z-folded 4-inch hem on sheets over a good coven fabric.
  • Machine washable on cold and gentle cycle. This set is easy to clean following simple cleaning instructions.


  • Inconsistent quality. Some feel that other colors aren’t as comfortable, there were also sheets that got wrinkled after washing.

Brielle Cotton Jersey Knit | Most Comfortable Bed Sheets

Brielle Cotton

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We’ve noted some of the quality features that make Brielle stand out as a brand. So if you’re looking for the most comfortable sheets, it’s one that should definitely be on your shopping list.

One of our favorites from Brielle’s collections are these Cotton Jersey Knit sheets. Their unique comfort and design come from 100% cotton woven into a Jersey knit (like your T-shirt) from one-ply yarns. This means you get the softness, breathability and durability of your t-shirt wrapped around your bed.

Moreover, while these sheets are woven like your T-shirt fabric, their shrink and wrinkle-free. They’re extra comfy when it comes to warm weather too. It’s like sleeping on a whole bed of your most comfortable shirts.

These may look like simple sheets but they feel premium and provide premium comfort. Many customers love them; some have even come up with a name-calling them T-Sheets. Their super soft and come at an affordable price. This sheet set has surprised a lot of customers for its price and has received many positive reviews.


  • Provides unique T-Sheet comfort. With the highest quality cotton fabric woven into a Jersey knit, you get the comfort, breathability and softness of a premium T-shirt.
  • Doesn’t shrink or fade. This sheet set is made to last many washes and uses.
  • Value for money. It’s not a super cheap choice but you get great quality sheets for a reasonable price.
  • Beautiful color options. The color options are sleek including a pewter gray and deep red option.


  • Inconsistent quality. Some customers note how their sheets seemed to have not been pre-shrunk though they note how soft the fabric is.

Royal Hotel 100% Cotton Sheets | Best Cotton Sheets

Royal Hotel

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There’s something about these cotton sheets from Royal Hotel that make them stand out from other cotton sheets. They’re not as popular as the usual Threshold brand, but they’re super comfortable and durable.

This sheet set features 100% long-staple combed cotton. And when it comes to cotton, combed is the best for durability and softness. And while the sheets seem simple and straightforward, they provide hotel quality comfort that many customers appreciate.

Its fitted sheet, designed with a snug fit, comes with deep pockets that are 14” to 18” deep. Its elastic all-around keep the sheet in place all night keeping covered and tucked in well as you sleep.

Maintenance wise, the sheets are machine-washable. Royal Hotel suggests washing in cold water, tumble dry and low and to avoid using bleach to make it last. Customers note that the sheets do well after laundry. The fabric doesn’t shrink or fade and they still feel soft after washing.


  • Simple yet luxurious. Sports a simple design but offers hotel quality comfort.
  • Easy to clean and long-lasting. Lasts multiple washes without shrinking or fading.
  • Made of 100% pure long-staple combed cotton. Made of high-quality material that is both durable and super soft.
  • Snug fit. The well-designed fitted sheet that stays put as you sleep.


  • Thickness consistency. Some customers note that the fitted sheet is thin and doesn’t seem long-lasting.

Bed Sheets Buying Guide

Bed sheets aren’t just your simple covers anymore, and consumer’s standard for quality has risen a level these days. We all want to get that hotel quality comfort in our bedrooms for a reasonable price. Nowadays, there are many brands that advertise for such comfort and quality showcasing various materials and material blends in their fabric.

So what exactly should you look for when you’re out to get the best bed sheet sets?


Though cotton is the most popular and original material for bedding, there are now blends that offer extra benefits. These blends are often considered because they are shrink-free, fade-free and wrinkle-free, while also being easier to clean.

The known premium cotton materials are Egyptian, Pima and Sea Island often carried only by premium brands. Meanwhile, Linen is the most available, though tends to get wrinkled easily.Recently, bamboo blended materials have also become popular. They offer antibacterial, thermo-genic and absorbent qualities while also organic and environmentally safe. It’s best to get a feel for the fabric when choosing sheets. This will help you get an idea how well it balances temperature, how soft it feels and how strong the fabric presents.

Thread Count

Because cotton was the old standard in fabric for beddings, thread-count used to be the main basis for softness. The idea was that the higher the thread count the more durable and soft the fabric will be. However, with softer fabric like Egyptian cotton, Microfiber and some techniques in weaving and processing materials thread count doesn’t apply. This means a fabric can still be softer than a high thread-count sheet if it’s made with softer materials.

Although the basic choice would be to go for at least a 350 to 450 range, double that thread count won’t feel to the difference. See, you’ll find sheets made of more than 800 thread counts yet doesn’t feel superiorly softer than your basic. However, these high thread-count fabrics tend to be sold for more than twice the price. Higher thread count doesn’t always turn out good either, especially if you consider how these are jammed and woven together.

Fabric Weave

While two sheets may be made of the same material, the way they are woven renders a difference in their fabric’s feel and durability. Flannel is one example, where cotton is woven with a napped-finish for a fuzzier texture. This makes it suitable for sustaining heat, providing a warming effect perfect for the coolest weather.

Meanwhile, also made of cotton a percale weave produces a more crisp and light fabric. This weave is looser then Flannel and often features the used of combed cotton. Another recently popular weave is Sateen. Though it resembles Satin with its almost silken finish, it’s a lot different. This is because Sateen-woven fabric is thicker and softer than Satin. Both weaves aren’t as durable as other plain weaves though, so they tend to need more care.

Resembling the weave used on T-shirts using the same material blends as well, the Jersey weave feels soft and comfy. This has become popular with the younger generation because of its familiar comfort. Then there are the other more elaborate weaves.  Weaves like the reversible Damask, fine weave Dobby and decorative Jacquard. These weaves tend to be more intricate, detailed and requires skilled artisans in making. That being the case, these also tend to be pricier.


While some sheets can feel like the best choice you also have to be realistic about your cleaning options. There are materials that come with specific care instructions. How well you can care for a product will also affect how it lasts. Moreover, you also want to consider your environment. For example, a Jersey woven fabric feels great, but it won’t be as sturdy as a cat in the house.