From relief in the summer heat to keeping baby cool at the park to cooling off at the camp after a long hike, and many other activities, a portable battery fan is quite a handy tool. But as we always want to make sure we get our money’s worth when we’re buying something, it’s good to look up what the best portable battery operated fans are out there. So we’ve done some research for the best brands at the best price and have gathered below our top picks for you to choose from in 2018:

Comparison of the Top-Rated Portable Battery Operated Fans

SkyGenius Battery Operated Mini Desk Fan

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan

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If you’re looking for a small fan that packs some power then this clip-on fan could be just what you need. It’s lightweight and compact (7.5x6x4 inch) but packs a motor that blows you a 75ft/s wind speed at maximum speed, while also being quiet unlike other battery operated fans for camping. It runs on batteries with a 2.5-6 hour battery life that are rechargeable and can easily be replaced should you lose them or run out of power.  All that built with sturdy material that will last.

O2COOL 10-inch Portable Fan

O2COOL 10-inch Portable

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O2COOL is a brand that has made its name in a variety of cooling and travel products and now they’re also bringing us awesome top-rated cordless fans. This one takes its spot in our top 10 because it’s a powerful personal fan with its two 10” blades powered by Polaroid D Batteries, D Cell Batteries or its AC Adapter.  It has many positive reviews by customers who have used it in the car, office, room and even in the sauna to distribute heat. It has performed well on all accounts so far. It may be large in comparison to other mini fans in the market but it’s a good quality high powered fan that’s right on the buck.

O2COOL 5-inch Portable




2COOL 5-Inch Portable

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O2COOL also released a smaller version of their high quality fan with this 5-inch compact desk fan. Powered by two D Cell batteries, it offers you just the right of wind power you need for your travels while also allowing you some flexibility with its tilting function to direct air flow. It folds too, so that’s added points on portability.

Dizaul Mini USB Rechargeable Fan

Dizaul mini usb rechargeable

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A rechargeable fan can be a good choice over battery operated ones in the sense that not having to include batteries in your budget makes them the cheaper option. This travel fan by Dizaul definitely belongs in our top 10 because it’s such a perfect travel buddy with its 2600mAh power bank feature apart from being just another USB powered hand fan. If you’re looking to purchase a powerful handheld model this comes highly recommended according to customer reviews. Customers have shared how this little palm sized apparatus performed very well on a humid day, worked well as a great tent fan at summer camp and got them through the hot days.


BLUBOON Clip on Fan Battery Operated Fan Portable for Baby Stroller

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If you’re looking for a review that will name the best clip-on model for your baby’s stroller, you’ll find lots posted by parents for this little device. It’s a cheap rechargeable fan that has all you need in a clip-on device. It is lightweight, compact at 5” and produces a strong airflow powered by Two Upgraded LG 2600mAh Lithium Batteries 18650 that are rechargeable using its provided USB cord.

O2COOl Battery or Electric

02 Cool 10 inch Battery or Electric Portable

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Here’s another affordable yet highly rated handheld product by this brand. Like its battery operated brother, this one is also equipped with two 10” blades but with a dual power source. You have the option to use its AC Adapter or 6D Batteries that allows you up to hours of battery life. It is foldable with a convenient handle and a horse shoe shaped base as a stable stand which also allows it to be tilted for air flow direction.

OPOLAR F208 Portable Mini Fan for Camping, Traveling, Boating

OPOLAR F208 Rechargeable Portable Mini USB fan Personal Cooling for Traveling Boating Baby Stroller Fishing Camping

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This portable apparatus by OPOLAR seems to always earn a good rating for whatever customers decide to use it for. Some have mentioned how it seems to pack the power of a device twice its size. Considering it’s more than reasonable cost and that it offers a one-year replacement, 30-day refund policy it’s not too hard to trust this brand. This product is small enough for your handbag but blows a good breeze adjustable with 3-speeds powered by 220mAh rechargeable batteries or its USB cable. It’s a good USB fan you will be happy to buy.


FYLINA USB Fan Mini Clip On Desk

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Another one that beats other mini fans in value for money and quality is this mini clip-on model by FLYLINA. It clips-on nicely to computers, strollers and any other mountable surface with its 2.2-inch clamp providing you 2-6 hours of a good breeze that you can adjust with 3-speed options. Whether its stroll in the park, summer trips to the zoo or simply working on their computer, customers have given all positive 4 to 5-star feedbacks for this gadget.

Small Portable Fan By Med 90

Small Portable Fan By Med 90 Powered by Rechargeable Battery or USB Desk Personal

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We can’t miss including this device in our top 10 because of its unique swivel feature that many customers appreciate. Many users have noted how it is small but mighty and have shared how sturdy its clip is when mounted. All that and the strong breeze it can produce power by USB or 2600 mAh 18650 battery makes it a definite entry in our top list.

OPOLAR F201 Personal Fan

OPOLAR F201 Rechargeable Portable Mini USB fan Personal Cooling for Traveling Boating Baby Stroller Fishing Camping

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Customers were definitely surprised by the power pack by this small gadget. Another one by OPOLAR and like its brother, it performs very well and is quite reliable. This model comes with a 3-speed option with a maximum air flow of 4.2/s on high. With that speed, you can definitely appreciate carrying this in your bag when you’re outdoors and need a cool breeze on a warm day.